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– Dr. Ron Martino, Dept. of Geology, Marshall University Anyone who has grown up in WV or has at least spent some time outdoors here knows that there are many parts of the state that are truly wild and wonderful. Our wildlife ranges from bears, coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, turkey, and elk to rattle snakes,

– Dr. Mike Caudill, Dept. of Geology, Marshall University According to the West Virginia Groundwater Resource Act, Article 12, Chapter 22 of the West Virginia Code, groundwater is the source of drinking water for more than 50% of the state’s total population and more than 90% of the rural population. Students in Marshall University’s Hydrogeology

– Dr. Mike Caudill The study of landscapes, their attributes, and their origins, is of the primary interest of geologists.  This sub-discipline of geology is known as geomorphology, the study of Earth’s surficial processes and their results.  Students in the Geomorphology course at Marshall University recently visited southeastern Ohio to examine evidence of an ancient

– Dr. Mike Caudill In the photo below, students in the Geomorphology course at Marshall University stop for a quick break in a large sapping recess while hiking Old Man’s Creek gorge at Hocking Hills State. Students visited the area in the Fall of 2019 on a field trip during their Geomorphology course which studies