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Colloquium: “Manchester University’s Contributions to Analog and Digital Computing”

Marshall University Math Colloquium
April 29, 2005

Arthur Porter
University of Toronto

Dr. Porter will discuss the role Manchester University played in the development of computing and computer applications. His talk will include the following topics:

  • Analog and digital computer developments at the University of Manchester during 1932-1937 and 1946-1953 (a brief account).
  • Manchester University’s influence on 20th century physics and biological science and the pedagogical significance of “model” and “metaphor”.
  • Recruitment of British universities for service before and during World War II and the birth of radar, operations research, and computer code breaking (e.g. Engma).
  • Reflections on his debt to Vannevar Bush and Douglas Hartree.
  • The significance of the Marshall Differential Analyzer program.

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