Minor in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers an undergraduate Minor in Mathematics for all majors at Marshall University other than those in the Department of Mathematics.

Undergraduate students should pursue a Minor in Mathematics for:

  • expanded job opportunities in business, education, government, and industry.
  • preparation for aptitude examinations required for professional schools.
  • a component of an application to law school.

Requirements for a Minor in Mathematics

The undergraduate minor requires the completion of four courses; for a total of 16-17 credit hours.

The student must have:

  • at least a 2.0 grade point average.
  • at least two of the courses taken at Marshall University.

Required Courses for a Minor in Mathematics

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
MTH 229 Calculus 1 5
MTH 230 Calculus 2 4
MTH 300 Introduction to Higher Mathematics 4
Total Credit Hours 13

Elective Courses for a Minor in Mathematics

Choose any one of the following courses, for a total of 3 or 4 credit hours:

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
MTH 231 Calculus 3 4
MTH 329 Elementary Linear Algebra 3
MTH 331 Linear Algebra 4
STA 345 Applied Probability and Statistics 3
MTH 405 History of Mathematics 3
MTH 430 Topology 1 3
MTH 440 Graph Theory and Combinatorics 3
MTH 448 Modern Geometries 3
MTH 449 Projective Geometry 3
MTH 450 Modern Algebra 1 3
MTH 455 Number Theory 3

This page is an unofficial summary of degree requirements. The official requirements are described in the most current Undergraduate Catalog. Students should consult their advisor when deciding on a plan of study.

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