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WI Course Approval

Writing intensive courses carry the WI designation, which is visible to students on the schedule of courses and on their transcripts.

Instructors who wish to teach courses with the WI designation must be certified. Instructors who have not completed a portfolio must submit a syllabus for each course before the WI designation can be added.

New WAC Instructor Certification

The certification process begins by attending a fall or spring WAC event for new WAC faculty.
More information is available on the two levels of WAC certification and the certification process.

WAC Instructor Recertification

WAC faculty need to recertify every 3 years. There are several options for recertification, which are listed in the document linked below.

WAC Portfolio Preparation

Faculty may choose to complete a WAC Portfolio. This streamlines the process of adding the WI designation to courses, and demonstrates a commitment to writing intensive pedagogy. Please join the “WAC” organization in MU Online for additional information. Portfolios are submitted in this organization in MU Online.

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