Marshall Mobile ID

Marshall University students, faculty and staff can now add their Marshall Mobile ID cards to Apple Wallet, and use their iPhone and Apple Watch around campus. By simply placing their iPhone and Apple Watch near a reader where physical campus IDs are accepted, they can enter residence halls, libraries and the Rec Center, buy lunch, make purchases at the university bookstore, print documents, and more.

What is Marshall Mobile ID:

Marshall University Campus ID Office is now bringing you Marshall Mobile ID (MMID).  MMID allows users to load their Marshall ID card onto their mobile device to replace your standard MUID card with your smart phone or Apple Watch. This will allow all students, faculty, and staff to perform all necessary functions they use every day with their MUID card but with their mobile devices instead. Read below for more instructions on how to become enrolled in Marshall Mobile ID.


Key Features:

Members of the Marshall University community can now leave their physical wallets behind and get around campus with just their Apple devices. By simply placing your iPhone and Apple Watch near a reader where physical student IDs are accepted. It works anywhere on campus where your MUID card is accepted, such as, access to enter residence halls, the Study Center and the Rec Center, campus events, the Marshall Artist Series, and sporting events, make purchases at the Marshall Bookstore, vending machines, and dining services.

Easy to use – simply hold your supported phone or Apple Watch near the reader where you would normally tap or swipe your MUID card.

University Requirements:

Marshall requires students to provide proof of registration.

Before getting started, Marshall University policy require that students, employees, and faculty must be enrolled and fully registered in our system. Students must be registered for courses for the current or upcoming term. Faculty and staff must be an active employee in our system. Under University policies this is required for privacy, security, and the safety of our campus.

  1. A user must have a complete MUNet account.  Marshall University requires that all MMID registered students have a MUNet account. This means students should have a university email and valid university sign-in credentials.
  2. All users must be enrolled in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), please visit our MFA page in order to complete setup .  In order to be a part of our MMID program a user must be enrolled in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This is an extra layer of security that will help protect the user from fraudulent use of their MUNet account.
  3. A user must have the Blackboard eAccounts app in order to be enrolled in MMID. Check the App Store.  The eAccounts app is designed to handle your student mobile credential as well as your herd points and transaction history.
Marshall Mobile ID Device Requirements:

Below are the software and hardware requirements needed to continue setup of MMID to a mobile device.

Apple Device Requirements:
  • iPhone 6s or later.
  • The most current version of iOS (update your software).
  • Apple Watch series 1 or later.
  • Most current version of WatchOS.
  • Have Multi-Factor Authentication setup through the Microsoft Authenticator app.
  • Have the eAccounts app setup and configured correctly.
Adding Marshall Mobile ID to your iPhone:
In order to utilize the Marshall Mobile ID please ensure the following in advance:
  1. You are enrolled in Marshall University MFA.
  2. Your devices are up to date with the most current versions of iOS and watchOS.
  3. Download the Blackboard Transact E-Accounts app and sign in.
Once the above are confirmed please visit the CampusID Office in the Drinko Library with your device Monday-Friday 8AM – 5PM.
Once the above steps are completed, you can begin adding Marshall Mobile ID to your iPhone:
  1. Open eAccounts Mobile App on your iPhone.
  2. Tap "Continue to Sign In" and login with your MUNet username and password.
  3. Approve the MFA request.
  4. You can now view your account balances and meal plans.
  5. Tap "Add to Apple Wallet" and select the device if asked.  Either iPhone and/or Apple Watch can be added and the order they are added does not matter.
  6. On the "Add Card" screen tap "Next" in the upper right corner.
  7. Tap "Agree" on the lower right corner on the Terms and Conditions page.
  8. Wait until the notification at the top of the screen verifies your card has been added to the Wallet and tap "Done" in the upper right corner.  After you have added a device, when you go back to the account and meal plan page, the picture icon in the upper right corner now displays your Campus ID Card photo.
  9. Verify your card is in your Apple Wallet:
  • iPhone: To view in your Apple Wallet, tap the dropdown arrow and then tap "View in Wallet".
  • Apple Watch: Open Watch app on your iPhone -> Select Wallet & Apple Pay -> Select Campus ID Card.
  • Your card in Apple Wallet will default to Express Mode for both iPhone and Watch allowing you to use your card at a reader without a passcode, Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Your card will include your photo, Marshall classification of Student, Faculty or Staff, and any ID Card account balances.
  1. Tapping (…) in the upper right corner of the Marshall Mobile ID in Apple Wallet will display additional information related to your MMID, including any additional account balances not displayed on the front.

MMID User Guide

Terms of Service Agreement

By enabling your mobile credential and adding it to your Apple Wallet you have agreed to accept all current and future Marshall University campus policies relative to Marshall University’s MUID card and Marshall Mobile ID (MMID).  Adding MMID to your Apple Wallet allows the use of your mobile device in place of your University ID at all of Marshall’s current ID readers such as for payments, meal plan, door access, events, and more. Any misuse, including sharing your mobile credential to allow any other individual to use your University ID is in strict violation of Marshall University policy and will result in disciplinary action.

For any other questions please contact the MUID Office by visiting the Drinko Library and Information Center on the first floor or by calling 304-696-6843.