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Commuter Meal Plans 2020/2021

We offer 10 different meal plan options. These plans may be purchased for use during any regular academic term. Harless cafeteria offers “all you care to eat” except premium nights. If you have any dietary constraints, please contact the Sodexo General Manager at 304-696-3329.

Commuter Meal Plans may be purchased through MyMU then selecting Ca$h Tracks. All Meal Plans offered by Marshall University require a Marshall University Student or Faculty/Staff I.D. Card. Further terms and conditions may apply.

Commuter Meal Plan Prices for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

Meal plan balances do not carry over to the next semester. Flex balances do carry forward from fall to the spring semester if you remain on a meal plan. Any flex not used by the last day of the spring semester will be forfeited.

Commuter Board Plan Options and Rates

10 Meals per week (with $500 Flex and 10 anytime meals) $1,925.00
10 Meals per week (with $700 Flex and 20 anytime meals) $2,125.00
10 Meals per week (with $850 Flex and $85 bonus Flex) $2,275.00
14 Meals per week (with $500 Flex and 10 anytime meals) $2,125.00
14 Meals per week (with $700 Flex and 20 anytime meals) $2,415.00
14 Meals per week (with $850 Flex and $85 bonus Flex) $2,565.00

Commuter Block Plan Options and Rates

30 Meals (with $200 Flex) $430.00
50 Meals (with $100 Flex) $478.00
50 Meals (with $350 Flex) $725.00
50 Meals (with $600 Flex) $975.00
These plans may be purchased in blocks at any time during the course of the semester.

Notes: The 10 or 14 Meals per week can be used at Harless Dining Hall or for meal exchanges at other locations throughout campus. Meal exchanges allow you to use a traditional meal swipe and some Flex for a preset meal at retail locations. Any unused meals do not carry over to the next week.

Flex can be used at all food service locations. Flex dollars are dining currency that accompany selected meal plans that allow customers to purchase items from one of our retail dining locations like the MSC Food Court, Twin Towers Food Court, or Cafe a la Cart.

Anytime Meals allow you to use your 10 to 20 additional meal swipes at anytime during the semester. If you use your weekly allotment of meals, then you have the anytime meal swipes to use as backup. The Anytime Meals are also eligible to be used as meal exchanges. Anytime Meals may also be used for guests at Harless Dining Hall.

Terms and conditions: The plans are only valid during regular semesters and do not include Marshall University recesses. Your purchase of a Commuter Meal Plan Agreement indicates agreement to all policies, regulations and procedures pertaining to your Commuter Meal Plan Agreement and any other publications which are made part of the agreement. Your student I.D. card or Marshall Mobile I.D. must be presented for each meal. Meals and/or meal plans are nontransferable.

When requested to do so by authorized university personnel, students must present their Marshall University Campus identification card or their Marshall Mobile I.D. Authorized university personnel include, but are not limited to, any staff member of the residence halls or food service, MUPD and security. Campus I.D. cards and the Marshall Mobile I.D. may be used only by the person whose name appears on the card or mobile I.D. Any alteration, misuse of or violation of the I.D. Card policy is prohibited and subject to disciplinary action.

Problems with I.D. Cards should be directed to the I.D. Office in Drinko Library. In the event you lose or damage your I.D. there will be a replacement charge.

Want more information on campus dining, including menus? Visit the campus dining website.