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Policies & Procedures

The Information Technology Council is the official university committee governing computer and network usage at Marshall University. Below you will find a list of the policies and guidelines affecting the usage of information technology tools and services at the university campus.

Number Title Effective Date Revised Date Classification
MUBOG IT-1 Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy 10/15/2019 09/12/2019 Board of Governors
MUBOG IT-2 Information Security Policy 10/15/2019 09/12/2019 Board of Governors
MUBOG IT-3 Electronic Communications Policy 10/15/2019 09/12/2019 Board of Governors
MUBOG IT-4 Program for Disposition of Surplus Computers 10/15/2019 09/12/2019 Board of Governors
ITG-1 SharePoint Provisioning & Cost Recovery Rates
ITG-2 Social Media Page/Account Guidelines and Tips IT General
ITG-3 Collection of Personal Contact Data for Emergency Notification System 06/03/2009 08/19/2019 IT General
ITG-4 Guidelines for Data Classification 02/23/2004 08/19/2019 IT General
ITG-6 Guidelines for MU Library Exhibit 1/15/2009 8/25/2011 IT General
ITG-7 Digital Signage Submission Guidelines IT General
ITG-8 Electronic Branding Standards Manual IT General
ITG-9 Mobile Computing and Storage Devices Guideline 11/21/2014 11/21/2014 IT General
ITG-10 Standard of Common Definitions 8/28/2015 8/28/2015 IT General
ITP-1 Marshall University Copyright Procedure 04/18/2014 04/18/2014 IT General
ITP-2 Scheduling University Computing Public Facilities 04/08/2005 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-3 Customer Support Levels, Products and Services for Marshall University Owned Equipment 11/21/2014 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-4 Mass Voice Mail Distribution Procedure 02/23/2004 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-5 Information Systems Identity Content Retention Procedure 01/01/2007 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-6 Banner Oversight Committee Procedure – MU Information Owners – Banner Training Standard ERP/Banner
ITP-7 Collection of Students’ Religious Preferences N/A 08/19/2019 ERP/Banner
ITP-8 Moving Away form Using SSN as Student ID Number 01/26/2004 01/26/2004 ERP/Banner
ITP-9 Digital Media Retention Procedure 12/06/2013 08/19/2019 Instructional Technology
ITP-10 Terms and Definitions 04/30/2009 08/19/2019 Instructional Technology
ITP-11 MU Training Procedure on Teaching and Distance Learning Interactive Classroom 11/02/2001 08/19/2019 Instructional Technology
ITP-12 Telecommunications Cellular Telephone Procedure 07/01/2000 09/16/2010 Telecommunications
ITP-13 Cellular Telephone Voice/Data Service Stipend and Authorization Form 07/01/2000 08/19/2019 Telecommunications
ITP-14 Employee Remote Internet Access Stipend Plan
Employee Remote Internet Access Stipend Plan and Authorization Form
01/01/2006 08/19/2019 Telecommunications
ITP-15 Intra Campus Wiring Policy 07/01/1996 08/19/2019 Telecommunications
ITP-16 IT Infrastructure Authorization Procedure 04/17/2015 04/17/2015 Telecommunications
ITP-17 Information Technology Cost Recovery
IT Services Rate Schedule
01/10/2003 08/19/2019 Rates
ITP-18 Wireless Telecommunications and Networking Procedure 01/26/2004 08/19/2019 Telecommunications
ITP-19 Information Security Incident Response Procedure 04/13/2007 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-20 Copyright Infringement Complaints Procedure 04/13/2007 11/20/2009 IT General
ITP-21 MU Libraries Special Collections Development 09/18/2008 09/18/2008 IT General
ITP-22 Access to SPAIDEN 11/20/2009 08/19/2019 ERP/Banner
ITP-23 Password Standards for Administrative Systems 04/8/2019 07/30/2018 IT General
ITP-24 Information Security Policy – Combined in MUBOG IT-2 02/19/2010 09/12/2019 IT General
ITP-25 Obtaining and Managing a Site on MU Web Server IT General
ITP-26 Digital Camera Loan Procedure IT General
ITP-27 Information Security Roles and Responsibilities 09/18/2008 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-28 USA Patriot Act – Information Technology Procedure 01/01/2003 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-29 Electronic Communications Procedures 04/18/2014 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-30 Email and Computer Mediated Communication of PHI 11/17/2003 11/17/2003 School of Medicine
ITP-31 Email and Computer Mediated Communication of PHI Exception for Remote Transcriptionists 11/18/2003 11/18/2003 School of Medicine
ITP-32 Email and Computer Mediated Communication of PHI Exception for Student Submission of H&P’s and Mentor Reflections 11/18/2003 11/18/2003 School of Medicine
ITP-33 Workstation and Storage Media Hardware Disposal 11/17/2003 11/17/2003 School of Medicine
ITP-34 Marshall University Equipment Lending Procedures 05/04/2012 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-36 IT Permanent Employee Confidentiality Agreement 12/07/2012 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-37 IT Student or Non-Permanent Employee Confidentiality Agreement 12/07/2012 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-38 Outsourcing Security Assessment Questionnaire
Fillable Outsourcing Security Assessment Questionnaire
05/04/2012 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-39 Administrative Procedure for Distance Education Course Fees and Course Ownership 03/01/2013 03/01/2013 Instructional Technology
ITP-40 Marshall University IT Procedure for Employee Account Termination
Fillable Employee Account Termination Form
12/06/2013 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-41 Procedure for Obtaining and Maintaining Space on a Web or Document Management System for the Purpose of Publishing or Sharing Content 12/06/2013 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-42 Standard for Baseline Security of Servers
Fillable Server Baseline Security Registration Form
04/18/2014 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-43 Information Technology Project Proposal Form 09/19/2014 09/19/2014 IT General
ITP-44 Security of Information Technology Resources 01/08/2016 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-45 Electronic Records Management Procedure 11/06/2015 11/06/2015 IT General
ITP-48 Technology Review Procedure 08/19/2019 08/19/2019 IT General
ITP-50 Change Management 08/19/2018 08/19/2019 IT General