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University Computing Facilities

Return to Campus Plan Fall 2020: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our computing facilities have remained closed during the summer. We will be opening all facilities for the Fall 2020 term in a limited capacity. We will practice guidelines set forth by the CDC for cleaning, disinfecting and preparing our public spaces for academic use.

We Are… going to:

  • Clean each workstation between each use. This should include:
    • Chair / Chair arms
    • Tabletop
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
  • Encourage each user to sanitize each workstation before and after each use
  • Remove 50% of the computers and chairs from each public space
  • Maintain a six-foot distance between each stationary workstation
  • Close each facility for deep cleaning and disinfection once daily
  • Provide hand sanitizer at each entrance and exit
  • Provide sanitizing wipes (pending we have them available)
  • Always require face masks to be worn while in the facility
  • Provide disposable keyboard covers for those who wish to use them
  • Where possible, keep foot traffic flowing in one direction. Providing specific entrance and exit doors.
  • Place stickers on the floor in six foot intervals to remind occupants to remain at a safe distance
  • Post signs throughout the facilities
  • Drinko library will be open for open computing and study space
  • Corbly Hall 330, 332, Smith Hall 532 and Harris Hall 444 will be open for scheduled courses only. No open computing times will be scheduled in these facilities
  • To use a computer or workspace in the Drinko Library, you will have to reserve your space ahead of time. You can do so through LibCal at


Computer Reservations beginning the Fall 2020 term will be done through LibCal. You may have used LibCal when reserving study rooms in the past. It will work very similar, simply log in with your MUNet username and password through Single Sign On (SSO) and find the area you would like to reserve.  Choose a particular computer or workspace you want to use and schedule it for the desired length of time.


University Computing Facilities (UCF) provides technology learning spaces throughout Marshall University’s Main Huntington Campus. Our facilities provide an assortment of learning spaces that range from general individual use computer stations to computer lab classrooms.

Our main and largest learning space is Drinko Library, which includes the 24-hour Study Center, three floors of individual use computing stations, multiple Study, Team and Collaboration rooms and two Training Rooms with laptop computers.

UCF maintains four computer lab classrooms: two in Corbly Hall, one in Smith Hall, and one in Harris Hall. In the Memorial Student Center, UCF maintains the Marco’s Computer Lab. Support for these facilities are provided by the UCF staff at the Study Center Desk in Drinko Library and can be contacted by calling 304-696-3249.

Drinko Library
Corbly Hall
Harris Hall
Smith Hall

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