IT Service Desk Update


Did you know you can create your own Service Desk Incident through the self-service portal in ServiceNow? Just go to to start the process!


Marshall University maintains several different event and activity calendars that can be used to keep up with various events happing on campus.

    • Academic Calendar – provides a list of dates, deadlines, and event information related to the academic semester
    • R25 Calendar – provides a list of events scheduled throughout campus that make use of the various rooms and facilities available
    • Campus Event Calendar – provides a more complete listing of all events happening on the MU campus and in the nearby community. Students and student groups can also request to have their own events added to this calendar.
Color laser printing is available at the public computer workstations in the University Computing Facilities (UCF) labs, which use the Pharos UnipriNT network printing system. When printing successfully, the Pharos UnipriNT system debits the user’s Marshall University Herd Points account for the cost of a print job.

You can find complete details on using the networking printing system by downloading and reviewing this document.

Download instructions are in both text and PDF format which will walk you through setting up your Marshall University email on your Anroid, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Windows device.

You can access these instructions by heading to our How Do I…? page.

We provide a quick Tech Tips list for students to make sure they have all the technology services they need in a quick list.





Check out our IT Tech Tips.

Wherever you go to school and whatever you choose as a major or future career, you’ll be using computers and other information technologies. It makes sense to check out the technology environment at the schools you’re attending.


Check out our Student IT Guide for all of your essential IT needs at Marshall University.


Marshall University currently uses two account systems to identify you as a user on various computing systems.

MUNet Login or MUNet Username

All students receive an MUNet username that allows access to the Marshall University network and computing infrastructure. Your username, along with a set password, is used to access myMU, sign into various computers across campus, access your email, connect to WiFi, etc. Your MUNet username is often formatted with your last name, then a number. Example: Smith344

MUID Number or 9 Digit Student ID Number
All Marshall University students are assigned an MUID number, also known as a 90* (901 / 903) number. This is what administrative services, such as Financial Aid, Registrar, and Bursar offices use to identify you. It is used to help faculty and administrators verify who you are and how they can best help you. Each number is unique to the student, and will stay the same throughout your time here at Marshall University. Your MUID number is also displayed on your student ID card. Your ID number will be used frequently, and should be kept secret.

Coverage areas are identified on the map as either full, partial, or no coverage. Your specific experience will depend on your device as well as other variable factors.

The Marshall University Wireless Map can be used to easily determine which areas of campus have wireless coverage.

Download instructions are in both text and PDF format which will walk you through setting up your laptop, desktop or other mobile devices that needs to be connected to the campus wireless network.

You can access these instructions by heading to our How Do I…? page.

Marshall University provides a variety of free software to students. Visit the Available Software page to learn more.