TECI classrooms are designed to facilitate group collaboration and multimedia presentation. We’re committed to providing our faculty with the latest technologies, and helping to improve student learning outcomes through the promotion and support of new, high-tech teaching pedagogies.

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What is TECI?

You may have heard or seen the name TECI around campus, but many people don’t know what it means. TECI stands for Technology Enhanced Classroom Initiative, a program funded annually by the office of the President that helps create and maintain classrooms that are equipped with the latest educational technology. The classrooms maintained by this program are available for scheduling via the Registrar’s office.

What is a TECI Room?

You may be wondering, what exactly constitutes a TECI room? At the most basic level, a TECI room has a computer with internet access and a public display that can show the content from this computer, or from a personal laptop. There are three basic classifications for TECI rooms that can give you a better idea of exactly what is available:

TECI Room Classifications

Tier 1 or TECI 1 you’ll encounter a small lectern with an interactive pen display and inputs for a personal laptop. These rooms come with a projector and screen for public viewing and have been around the longest.

Tier 2 or TECI are also referred to as “TECI Video Conference Rooms”, and are set up with a computer that connects to either a projector or large-screen monitor. They also come equipped with a Polycom Video Conferencing System, designed for distance learning. These rooms also have wireless access points and network jacks for guest PC connections.

Tier 3 or TECI 3 classrooms are the most recent additions, and are also referred to as “TECI Collaboration Rooms”. Typically these rooms come with a computer that connects to two wide-screen LCD displays mounted on either side of a whiteboard – there are some exceptions, most notably in rooms that have tiered floors, where a projector is used instead of the LCD displays. Most of the rooms have a 24-inch wide-screen interactive pen display, a webcam, and a microphone so you can use them with Distance Learning, Wimba, or Blackboard Collaborate. The rooms in this classification that don’t have tiered floors are equipped with movable chairs that facilitate group work and collaboration, and the newest of the rooms have an extra-wide lectern that can be raised and lowered to suit your need.


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
TECI rooms designated Tier 1 or “TECI 1″ are the first-generation rooms and are most suitable for standard lecturing. They typically include a PC connected to a projector and a SMART interactive pen display. These rooms each have a wireless access point and network jack for guest PC connections, and use traditional desks for seating.

Rooms with this designation are:
Corbly Hall: 117 (Tiered), 244*
Gullickson Hall: 123 (Tiered)
Harris Hall: 130, 134 (Tiered), 136, 138, 139, 234, 446, 447
Jenkins Hall: B10
Smith Hall: 108, 261, 416, 511, 513, 514, 516, 529, 531*, 621
Smith Music Hall: 112

*Note: CH244 and SH531 do not have interactive pen displays, but have a camera and special video card for use with Camtasia Relay/Blackboard Collaborate. (Any room at all levels can accommodate Collaborate by bringing your own webcam.)

TECI rooms designated Tier 2 or “TECI 2″ are also called “Video Conference Rooms”. They typically include a PC connected to either a projector or large LCD display, a camera, and microphone for use with Camtasia Relay/Blackboard Collaborate, as well as a sophisticated Polycom Video Conferencing System for Distance Learning. Tier 2 rooms have wireless access points and network jacks for guest PC connections.

Rooms with this designation are:
Corbly Hall: 104 (Tiered), 105 (Tiered)
Smith Hall: 154 (Tiered), 263

TECI rooms designated Tier 3 or “TECI 3″ are outfitted to facilitate project-based learning and collaboration. They typically include a PC connected to two large LCD displays, a wireless access point, whiteboards, a camera and microphone for use with distance learning/Camtasia Relay recording/Blackboard Collaborate, and a 24″ wide-screen SMART Podium interactive pen display. Rooms without tiered floors typically have flexible, mobile chairs.

Rooms with this designation are:
Corbly Hall: 243, 268, 333, 354, 435, 436, 464, 465, 466, 467
Gullickson Hall: 120 (Tiered), 121*, 122
Harris Hall: 102*, 135, 137, 229, 235, 236, 302, 303, 342, 402, 443*
Jenkins Hall: 100
Science Building (Tiered): 276, 277, 374, 376, 473
Smith Hall: 113, 227, 232, 335, 414*, 418, 433, 509, 518*, 530
Smith Music Hall: 107, 110

*These rooms have tables and regular chairs.
Note: Rooms that have tiered floors use a projector instead of two LCD displays. SCI473 has no separate lectern, instead of housing the rack equipment within the standard lab desk, and has an LCD display on the north wall in addition to the projector.