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IT Service Desk technicians are on duty. Please connect with us via Chat, Telephone or email. If you need one on one, in person assistance please contact us to schedule an appointment.

IT Service Desk

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Drinko Library 1st Floor

Desk Hours
1:00 PM Sunday –
6:00 PM Friday
(24 hours)
Sa: 10:00AM – 6:00PM

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Information Security Services

The mission of the Information Security Office is to support the goals of Marshall University and the Division of Information Technology by providing technological expertise and resources to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your information.

Whether it’s securing our personal computing devices with updated anti-malware software, reporting suspicious messages or computer activity through the incident response team, or reviewing video training and frequently-asked-question tips featuring the guidance of trusted security professions, each of us has a role to play.

Service Description

Antivirus Protection
Computer Security Guidance
Information Security Awareness Training
Information Security Incident Response


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