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MUNet Accounts / Usernames / Passwords

Your MUNet username is a unique identifier that will be used throughout your stay at Marshall to log into your various campus computer accounts, and as part of your campus email address (e.g., One username and password will be used for all our various systems.

Marshall University utilizes Single Sign-On (SSO) which allows students, faculty and staff the ability to access the most frequently used applications using one SSO username and password (MUNET ID & password) such as myMU, Blackboard, LinkedIn Learning, MS 365, email.  Your MUNet may be managed at where you may look up your MUNet username if you do not know it, need instructions to retrieve or change your password, or register your account and password.

Your Marshall email address will be your MUNet username followed by

If you forgot your MUNet username, please utilize the first time user account activation link to look it up or contact the IT Service Desk and we can look it up for you.

Username changes

The MUNet Username is created based on the user’s last name as stored in Banner (the system that stores all of Marshall’s student and employee data) and is the primary identifier used to “log in” to the Marshall University network, your desktop or notebook computer, and other systems used at Marshall (e.g., Banner, PeopleAdmin, myMU, etc.). Over time, an individual’s name may change, and for a variety of reasons, that individual may desire to have their username coincide with their current legal name. While this has been possible in the past, the process has not been the easiest to go through. We recognize that changing a username can be a difficult process, and Marshall University Information Technology (MUIT) is committed to working with you to migrate to a new username with as few problems as possible.  When your username changes, it can affect your interaction with as many as 55 different systems in use at the University. It’s doubtful anyone uses all of these systems, and many users will connect to only a few. Some systems will accept the new username fairly easily with little or no loss of data. Others will require an effort on your part to migrate settings and other data to associate them with the new username.

MUIT wants you to be aware of these issues and is developing a change request that includes “informed consent” to ensure you are aware of what will happen and are aware of your responsibilities.

Generally, the new username will be a function of your current legal name, provided that name has been changed in Banner. If your name in Banner is not your current legal name, please go to the Office of Human Resources in Old Main 207, with your Social Security card showing your new name. Once Human Resources has updated your name in Banner, then the username change process can begin.   Student name changes are processed through the Registrar’s office.  If you are a student and are not employed with the University, please bring original or mail a copy of your Social Security card to the Registrar’s Office, Old Main 106A, along with a completed Student Information Change Form.

Please contact the IT Service Desk to begin your username request.

If the username change process concerns you for any reason, feel free to discuss it with any of our IT Service Desk consultants. The consultant may answer common questions, but some questions unique to your circumstances may require an appointment with someone in our infrastructure or enterprise applications teams.

Alternative to a username change

As an alternative to changing your MUNet username after a legal name change, MUIT also offers a “long-form” email address. This email address is often in the form of, but it could include a middle initial or name. That email address can be used just like your username-based email address, but those people receiving email messages from you only see your current name in the “from:” email address. Your current username is generally only seen by you when you log into the network or any of the other systems at Marshall or our third-party vendors. Your original email address continues to work as it always has, but the long-form address becomes the default when you send email to others.