Points Plan

The Marshall University Points Plan is a valued, optional service available to students, faculty, and staff. By placing money on an account with the Campus ID Office, your Marshall University Identification Card serves as a pre-paid debit card accepted at numerous locations on or near campus.

Locations that accept points include:

  • Memorial Student Center:
    • Foodcourt (A La Carte – 10% discount if you use points)
    • John Marshall Room Restaurant (10% discount – except special events – if you use points)
    • Memorial Student Center Starbucks (10% discount for using points)
  • Marshall University Bookstore – use points for any bookstore purchases
  • Twin Towers Cafeteria – All you can eat for one price
  • Harless Hall Cafeteria – All you can eat for one price
  • Printing Services – Points are required to pay for printing in all campus computer labs
  • Laundry Facilities – Residents receive a 20% discount at campus laundries when using points
  • Copy Machines – Copiers in Drinko and Morrow libraries accept points
  • Coke Machines – Numerous Coca-Cola beverage machines on campus accept points
  • Snack Machines – Numerous snack (chips, candy, etc.) machines on campus accept points
  • Cafe Ala Carte – Located in Smith Hall – 10% discount when using points
  • Learning Resource Center – Located in Jenkins Hall
  • Drinko Library Coffee Shop – 10% discount when using points
  • IT Service Desk


Points Deposits

There are SIX ways to make deposits:

  • Online at www.marshall.edu/cardaccounts
  • Use the Blackboard Transact Mobile App (available at the Apple App Store and Google Play)
  • In Person at the ID Office (cash, check, debit or credit card)
  • At an automated deposit machine
  • Over the Phone (with a credit or debit card)
  • By Mail (with a check or money order)

You can make deposits to your Points Plan while on campus at the following locations:

In person at the MU ID Office located on the first floor of the Drinko Library and Information Technology Center, via cash, check, or with a Master Card, Visa, Discover, or Diners Club debit or credit card. The MU debit/credit card processing fee does not apply to points deposits.

Automated deposit machines are located in Huntington in the Twin Towers West lobby, the Memorial Student Center lobby, Harless Dining Hall, and the Drinko Library Study Center.  Other locations are at MOVC in Point Pleasant and on the South Charleston campus in the Administration Building.   A photo of the MSC machine, located on the column in the right foreground, is below:


By Phone

You (or anyone else, your parents, for example) can make a deposit to your points account over the phone with either a major credit card or debit card. The caller needs to know the student’s Marshall ID number to make a deposit. The telephone number for the MU ID Office is (304) 696-MUID, or (304) 696-6843.

By Mail

You (or anyone else, your parents, for example) can make a deposit to your points account via the mail by personal check, money order, or bank check. Please include in your correspondence the student’s name and ID number, and please include the student’s ID number on the check (jotting it in the memo line is fine). Mail your deposit to the MU ID Office at the following address:
Campus Card Office
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755-5480

Credit or Debit Cards Accepted by the MU ID Office

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Discover
  • Diners Club