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When requested to do so by authorized university personnel, students must present their Marshall University Campus identification credentials. Authorized university personnel include, but are not limited to, any staff member of the residence halls or food service, MUPD and security. Campus I.D.’s may be used only by the student whose name appears on the card.

Effective June 1, 2020 we will only be issuing Marshall Mobile Student IDs. Please contact the Campus ID office with any questions.


The I.D. Office is required to verify the identity of any individual requesting a card with a valid, Government issued photo I.D. such as a driver’s license, United States Military ID or passport.

If your photo on file is over two years old you will be required to update it.


To be eligible for student identification credentials active enrollment is required for the current or upcoming academic term.

Badges for student teaching, nursing, or other clinical training require approval in advance from the responsible department. Please check with the instructor or the I.D. Office to ensure the proper authorization is on file.


Full time faculty or staff must present I.D. authorization documents from Human Resource Services.

Part-time, extra-help employees must present a letter from the employing department on university letterhead identifying them and must have a university identification number assigned in advance.


Free or discounted event eligibility is based on Administrative Procedure STUDENT-1, Student Enrollment Status for Services and Activities.
Click here to read that document.


Refunds from the University Points account are only given to students who are graduating from the University or in the process of complete withdrawal from the University. Refunds of less than Five dollars ($5.00) are not given. Refunds can only be received in the form of a check from the Marshall University Research Corporation. Requests for refunds are made at the I.D. Office and forwarded to MURC.


Marshall University’s fee for returned checks is $25.00. Due diligence is followed to make notification that the check was returned. If a check is returned for a Points deposit, the amount of the check and the $25.00 fee will be deducted from the Points account. We reserve the right to suspend an I.D. card until any returned checks, negative balances, or other University financial concerns are resolved.


Marshall University Points accounts with no activity for a twelve-month period are considered inactive. Inactive accounts with a balance greater than $5.00 will be assessed a $1.00 monthly service fee. Accounts with a balance of $5.00 or less will be closed. Accounts will be assessed for aging at the end of each calendar month. At the time of assessment, the account will be closed or charged a monthly fee depending on the status of each account.


Any purchase, repair, or replacement of I.D.Card equipment is the responsibility of individual University departments. All installations and repairs are to be coordinated through the I.D. Office. Most I.D. equipment is under repair contracts where we are billed for time and materials if not under warranty. The I.D. Office directly bills departments for the actual costs. Repair costs include repairs necessary due to normal wear, accidents or abuse. Whenever possible, the I.D. Office will provide temporary equipment on loan to meet the users’ needs until the original equipment is returned.


Meals and/or meal plans are nontransferable. Any alteration or misuse or university identification cards or Marshall Mobile IDs is prohibited and subject to disciplinary action. Your student ID must be presented for each meal. Meal cards/Mobile IDs cannot be used by anyone but the purchaser. Any violation of the I.D. policy will be subject to university disciplinary action.


Problems with I.D. Cards and mobile IDs should be directed to the Campus ID Office on the first floor of the Drinko Library.

Campus ID Office
Phone: (304)696-MUID
Hours: Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.