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Strategic Goals


Marshall University Information Technology (MUIT) prioritizes initiatives that are synergistic with the ‘Marshall for All, Marshall Forever’ strategic framework. These initiatives are rigorously curated, endowed with the necessary strategic resources, and managed with meticulous oversight to guarantee alignment with the university’s strategic imperatives.

2. STRENGTHEN the technology infrastructure for continuous upgrades, enhancements, and information security preparedness.

The fortification and security of MU’s technological infrastructure are of paramount importance. MUIT champions a forward-thinking stance in the deployment of sophisticated system enhancements and the execution of comprehensive testing protocols.

3. STREAMLINE the technology process framework by establishing procurement governance, project management and prioritization, operational efficiencies, and optimization of technology systems and services.

In the spirit of operational excellence, MUIT places a premium on initiatives aimed at streamlining processes, optimizing resource allocation, and furthering the ‘Save to Serve’ ethos.

4. TRANSFORM technology experiences into delightful, innovative, and client-focused interactions.

The bedrock of our strategy is the unwavering commitment to a resilient infrastructure as the prerequisite for trailblazing digital transformation. MUIT is resolute in establishing a formidable technological groundwork, setting the stage for transformative projects to flourish, thereby reinforcing Marshall University’s stature for technological advancement.

5. EMPOWER MUIT employee cultural, educational, and professional development opportunities focused on service area excellence and expertise.

MUIT places a strong emphasis on nurturing the cultural, educational, and professional growth of every member of our team. Recognizing everyone’s invaluable contributions, we strive to foster an environment where service excellence and expertise are not just goals, but our building blocks. Each decision we make is filled with deep respect and consideration for our team members, acknowledging that their development and well-being are critical to our collective success and the embodiment of our core values.

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