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Technology Review Process

Information Technology, the Purchasing Office, the Office of the General Counsel, and the University Budget Office collectively review and negotiate the best purchase price and best license terms for campus departments and individuals when procuring technology products and services.  The review works to further reduce the potential for undesired consequences and risks associated with the incorrect use of the purchased product or services by the Marshall University community and its affiliates.  The review also seeks to confirm thelimination of duplication and data interiority for the university community. 

Licensing Reviews (Usage) 

  • Who is using the software? 
  • Where are they using the software? 
  • How are they using the software? 
  • Confirmation that the terms match the use. 


  • Meet State of WV Procurement Law 
  • Export Language 
  • Non-disclosure statements
  • Other items deferred to them by other reviewers 

Data Security & Privacy Office 

  • Use of Federated Single Sign-On if more than a few users for Cloud-based services or use- based licensing or concurrent based licensing 
  • Does the product or service collect, store, process or transmit any of the following sensitive data types?  Student Records (FERPA), Financial Data (PCI), Personal Health Information (HIPAA), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Confidential/Sensitive Research Data

Budget Office 

  • Funds are available for the term of the agreement and approved by the VP of the Division 
  • TCO and ROI is available for review on renewals 

Information Technology 

  • Review of supported hardware platform and OS version 
  • Support for current trends and move from legacy technology 

Accessibility Office 

  • Product or service meets or exceeds standards for accessibility or accessibility in on the vendor product Roadmap depending on a number of users or the general public
  • Introduction of a new software or other technology on campus 
  • Upgrade of an existing product or service 
  • Renewal of an existing product or service 
  • Notification of new agreement/terms from the vendor 
  • Change in use (e.g., you licensed academic use and now want to add research use) 
  • Change in features (e.g., the product has added cloud features to an installed software) 
  1. Completed Technology Procurement Form
  2. A full and complete vendor quote 
  3. Full Agreement with Terms and Conditions 
  4. Vendor Contact name, phone number, and email address 
  1. An WV96 (version 1/2019) Contract Addendum  
  2. A West Virginia Purchasing Affidavit 
  3. A MU Cloud Computing Addendum (if a Cloud or SaaS product) 
  4. VPAT Accessibility Report for products or services that are required for class/departmental work or open to the public 
  5. SOC 2 Type II Report or similar security control documentation for cloud-based services or cloud-based features 
  • Trial use/versions during an evaluation process 
  • Total annual cost is less than $1,000 in total 

And if NONE of these risk factors are present: 

  • The product or service is Cloud-based 
  • Involves Confidential Information or Personally Identifiable Information 
  • The Vendor will be on campus promoting the product 
  • A Signature is required on a contract or license agreement 
  • Required product or service for class or departmental work
  • Requester 
  • Departmental/College IT Personnel if they exist 
  • Central IT Team (Datacenter/Cloud Personnel, Security, Evolving Technology, Client Services) 
  • Office of the General Counsel 
  • Budget Office
  • Purchasing 
  • Vendor 
  • Accessibility Office 
  • Others based on the risks and use 
    • Academic Department
    • Academic Dean
    • Academic Affairs
    • Student Affairs

All software, including shrink-wrapped goods, shareware and free downloads, have a license agreement. 

Agreements can come in the following forms: 

  • Document signed by both parties 
  • Click-through (clicking “I agree”) 
  • Document in the box 
  • Text “read me” file on disk or other storage medium 
  • Terms on the website 

These are all legally binding agreements. 

The only person who has delegated authority to sign or authorize contractual agreements is the Marshall University Director of Purchasing. The Director of Purchasing consults with the Office of the General Counsel before signing these agreements to ensure the interests of Marshall University are covered and that we are meeting all requirements of WV State Law. Generally, individuals, including managers, department heads or deans, do NOT have proper signature authority to sign and execute these types of agreements on behalf of the University. 

To avoid institutional or personal liability, license agreements should be evaluated and reviewed from a legal perspective before acceptance. If you sign an agreement, click “I agree,” or agree to terms in any fashion, regardless of cost (including free web downloads), without this evaluation and proper signature process, you may be assuming personal and institutional liability. The potential ramifications include personal financial exposure, disciplinary action, or criminal liability. 

Please involve the departments listed above when you are first considering a technology related product or service.  Allow a minimum of 20 business days for the review process from the time a decision to move forward with an acquisition is made and all the documents listed below have been provided for review. 


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