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In this episode, WV ATC’s Dr. Catherine Bailey and Luke Walker discuss ASD, related diagnoses, and dual diagnosis. https://wvautismtrainingcenter.podbean.com/e/dual-diagnosis-and-asd/   To listen to other episodes visit the following link – https://wvautismtrainingcenter.podbean.com

In this episode, Andrew Nelson sits down to talk with Jimmy Ward and Blaine Seitz about what it’s like to be an adult with autism in West Virginia. https://wvautismtrainingcenter.podbean.com/e/jimmy-ward-and-blaine-seitz-life-as-adults-with-asd   To listen to other episodes visit the following link – https://wvautismtrainingcenter.podbean.com

JoDonna Burdoff talks about the early days of autism education in the state of West Virginia, how she got her start, and what the future holds for students with autism and their school support staff. http://wvautismtrainingcenter.podbean.com/e/autism-education-in-west-virginia-with-jodonna-burdoff/   To listen to other episodes visit the following link – https://wvautismtrainingcenter.podbean.com

In observance of National Autism Awareness Month, WV ATC Executive Director Dr. Marc Ellison and autism pioneer Dr. Ruth C. Sullivan sit down to discuss early autism parent advocacy movements, critical historical developments, and progressive services in West Virginia. http://wvautismtrainingcenter.podbean.com/e/a-conversation-with-dr-ruth-sullivan/   To listen to other episodes visit the following link – https://wvautismtrainingcenter.podbean.com