Student Loan Administration

The office of the Bursar at Marshall University currently provides specific student loan management services for campus based loan programs: Perkins, Health Professionals, WV Medical Student Loan Program and Charlie Lewis loans.   Perkins Loan Borrower Requirements   Entrance Counseling The US Department of Education requires that all borrowers complete entrance counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note prior to receiving any funds from the Perkins Loan program.  These requirements are administered for Marshall University through Heartland ECSI. To complete the requirements, click on the following link: *Please note that Entrance Counseling requirements will not be available until 2-3 business days after accepting a Perkins Loan award from the Office of Student Financial Assistance.   Exit Counseling Upon separation from Marshall University (completion of degree, withdrawal, less than half-time enrollment), borrowers are required to complete an exit counseling requirement.  Failure to complete exit counseling will result in an administrative hold being placed against academic records and will prohibit future registration. To complete Exit Counseling, click on the following link:

Loan Forms

These files are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.  Click here to download your free version of Acrobat Reader.
In School Deferment Medical Deferment Deferment
Economic Deferment Medical Loan Forgiveness*
Cancellation Medical Loan Postponement*
 Forbearance Medical Loan Master Promissory Note

*for questions with these forms, please refer to the State of West Virginia’s Medical Student Loan Program website

For assistance please contact

Michael Hill – Operations Coordinator
Robert Collier – Assistant Director/Student Financial Systems

Other Sites

There are a number of online resources that can assist you in consumer counseling.  In addition, public and school libraries have many consumer counseling books that you can check out free of charge.

Major credit bureaus

Providing consumer credit information and providing you with a place to check your credit rating.