Bachelor of Arts in the Arts

pastelThe Bachelor of Arts in the Arts emphasizes a breadth of content knowledge in Art, Music, or Theatre, augmented by extensive course work outside the discipline. The degree is designed to allow students maximum flexibility by pairing one or more of the arts with one or more outside disciplines. In addition to generalized majors in art, music, and theatre, the BA in the Arts program at Marshall University further offers students who have multiple interests within the arts to explore intersections among them through an “allied arts” major.

flutesThe BA in the Arts prepare students for careers in arts-related fields that draw upon content knowledge within the arts but require integration of other disciplines, such as administration, management, law, marketing, journalism, communication studies, anthropology, sociology, history, psychology, or biological and natural sciences, among others. Fields and entities related to the arts include (but are not limited to) arts administration and management, arts criticism and journalism, arts therapy, arts promotion and sales, entertainment law, higher education, architecture, non-profit arts institutions, and government-related cultural institutions. For a student who has no desire to perform or create, this degree taps into his or her potential and develops an alternative skill set in preparation for a career in the arts.

_DSC0067Admission to the Degree:

Prospective students who wish to apply for admission to the Bachelor of Arts in the Arts program must meet the general admission requirements for Marshall University. Students wishing to enroll in the music major must take an entrance audition. To apply for admission to the Bachelor of Arts in the Arts, contact the College of Arts and Media at 304-696-6433. 

Information about Individual Majors within the Bachelor of Arts in the Arts


Students will choose from one of two tracks: Art History or Visual Art and Design, dependent upon his/her career goals.


Students gain content knowledge in music academics, combined with one-on-one study on a principal instrument. The capstone is a discipline-based experience designed to combine the student’s musical knowledge and range of knowledge outside the field of music in a summarizing project.


Students will take a core of practical and academic courses in theatre, and combine these with self-selected electives in theatre.

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