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Arboretum Project


Marshall University Arboretum Project

Marshall University is home to over 700 trees, with over 50 varieties among them.

This site shares information on a selection of our campus trees, through the Marshall University Arboretum Project. An Arboretum is a plot of land or botanical garden devoted to trees and/or shrubs, used for study and display. As we progress on this project, with the help of students & staff, more information will be made available. For more information about trees native to our region, visit:

Signs Designed by Amanda Parsons, Natural Resources and Recreation Management student.

  1. Arboretum Project SignAsh Tree & The Emerald Ash Borer Beetle
  2. American Basswood
  3. American Beech
  4. River Birch
  5. Box Elder
  6. Buckeye
  7. Butternut
  8. Black Cherry
  9. Weeping Cherry
  10. Horse Chestnut
  11. Kentucky Coffeetree
  12. Eastern Cottonwood
  13. Southern Crabapple
  14. Baldcypress
  15. Eastern Hemlock
  16. American Holly
  17. Honey Locust
  18. Southern Magnolia
  19. Japanese Maple – Red Leaf
  20. Norway Maple
  21. Red Maple
  22. Silver Maple
  23. Black Oak
  24. Bur Oak
  25. Chestnut Oak
  26. Pin Oak
  27. Northern Red Oak
  28. Scarlet Oak
  29. Shingle Oak
  30. Swamp White Oak
  31. White Oak
  32. Bradford Pear
  33. Persimmon
  34. White Pine
  35. American Plum
  36. Eastern Red Bud
  37. Colorado Blue Spruce
  38. Norway Spruce
  39. North American Sycamore
  40. Black Tupelo
  41. Tulip Tree
  42. Yellow Wood