Certificate of Advanced Studies in Violence, Loss, and Trauma

Violence, Loss and Trauma (VoLT)

This unique Graduate Certificate of Study will revolutionize your understanding of violence, loss, and trauma, and will equip you with specialized skills for the treatment of trauma spectrum disorders in children and adults. By completing this certificate you will gain an understanding of trauma, complex trauma, developmental trauma, dissociation, and complex bereavement, including working with children, survivors, and perpetrators. This certificate is offered through online, distance learning coursework of 18 graduate credit hours.

Topics include:

  • Trauma and trauma-spectrum disorders
  • Addictions and trauma
  • Complex and developmental trauma
  • Grief, bereavement, and complex bereavement
  • Attachment theory and attachment disorders
  • Neurobiology of traumatic stress
  • Domestic violence
  • Military trauma
  • Treatment of children, survivors, and perpetrators
  • Existential aspects of suffering and resilience
  • Self-regulation, grounding, treatment planning
  • Vicarious trauma and practitioner self-care
VOLT Certificate

The graduate VoLT Certificate offers comprehensive understanding of how violence, loss and trauma affect lives. It also prepares practitioners for creative, expressive, and experiential interventions that promote resilience, self-care, and personal responsibility for a life well-lived. The certificate not only prepares you for planning mental health treatment for others in the future, but also how to care for yourself as well.

VoLT Course Descriptions

The VoLT Certificate requires completion of COUN 555, 556, 654, and 682; and two electives from the following list, for a total of six 3-credit courses (18 credits total).

COUN 555 Crisis Intervention and Conflict Resolution. (Pre-requisite for remaining VoLT Courses)
COUN 556 Death and Grief Counseling. (Required)
COUN 654 Family Violence. (Required)
COUN 682 Treatment in Trauma Recovery. (Required)
COUN 655 Counseling Victims, Perpetrators, and Children of Domestic Violence. (Elective)
COUN 683 Psychophysiology of Trauma. (Elective)
COUN 684 Treating Complex Trauma. (Elective)
COUN 685 Military Culture and Treatment of Veterans. (Elective)
COUN 686 Trauma and Suffering. (Elective)

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