There are several approved colors for use in online site designs that allow newly created content to remain consistent with the overall Marshall University branding. Marshall University Green (referred to here as primary green) should always stand front and center in visual communications. To accent and support the primary green, use black, white and/or gray.

This color palette is only provided for informational purposes. WordPress site administrators should never manually change the color of any items within WordPress. The colors of all items are controlled through the WordPress theme and is done so to ensure consistency across our network of University websites. If the University web team notices misuse of colors on your webpages, they will be corrected.
HEX #131716
HEX #ffffff
Dark Accent Green
HEX #029F3B
Primary Green
Bright Accent Green
HEX #08cd4f
Gray 100
HEX #edeeee
Gray 200
HEX #cbcece
Gray 300
HEX #a9adad
Gray 400
HEX #868c8c
Gray 500
HEX #535c5c
Gray 600
HEX #3a4040
Gray 700
HEX #313737
Gray 800
HEX #212424
Gray 900
HEX #131716
Red 100
HEX #fee2e2
Red 500
HEX #ef4444
Red 900
HEX #7f1d1d
HEX #925D49
Brown Dark
HEX #402d20