Social Media

The only links to social media accounts should be from the Social Media settings page that is part of the Marsha theme.

Any other links, images, etc will be removed by the web team.

Using the Marsha Social Media Links

In your site’s WordPress Dashboard, in the main navigation on the left you should see “Social Media” that will take you to the settings page. Enter the full URL for your social media accounts for all the applicable options and Update.

On the Widgets page, you can add the “Marsha Social Media Links” widget. You can add a title to the widget and once on your sidebar will automatically include icons and links to the social media accounts you added to the settings page.

Embed Twitter Feed Shortcode Parameters

The parameters for the embed twitter feed shortcode:

  • RequiredUsername (username): Enter the Twitter username of the account you’d like to embed. For example, for the main Marshall Twitter account we’d enter ‘marshallu’.

Embed Twitter Feed Shortcode Examples

[mu_embed_tweets username="marshallu"]
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