Link Lists

Note on Link List
Link Lists Items require a title, URL, and some content. If they are missing any of the three they will not display on the page. The content is limited to 250 characters.

Link List Items Shortcode Parameters

The parameters for the Link List Items shortcode:

  • RequiredTitle (title): This should be the title of the link.
  • RequiredURL (url): This should be the full URL of the page you want to link to from the button.

Link List Shortcode Examples

Link List Example

[mu_links_list_item title="Find My Enrollment Counselor" url=""]Find out who your Enrollment Counselor is at Marshall.[/mu_links_list_item]
[mu_links_list_item title="Tour Our Campus" url=""]View upcoming events on campus or schedule a tour.[/mu_links_list_item]
[mu_links_list_item title="Experience Marshall" url=""]Experience all the Marshall has to offer.[/mu_links_list_item]
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