Icon Box

The icon box allows you to post a feature box with an SVG icon and title that links to a different page.

You can use any of the icons included below. if there’s a certain icon you want to use, but it is not listed below contact webmaster@marshall.edu.

Note on Icon Box
This shortcode, if used in the body of the page, should be used with the columns shortcode. There should not be more than 4 icon boxes per row.

Icon Box Shortcode Parameters

The parameters for the icon box shortcode:

  • RequiredTitle (title): The title parameter is required and will should be no more than 2-3 words.
  • RequiredLink (link): The link field is required and should be the full URL path of the page you wish to link.
  • RequiredIcons (icon): The icon will display above the title, centered in the box. (see list below).


Here are the available icons that you can use with this shortcode.

Icon Box Shortcode Examples

Icon Box in a Row

[mu_column sm="12" lg="4"][mu_icon_box title="Online Learning" icon="computer" link="http://www.marshall.edu/online-learning/"][/mu_column]
[mu_column sm="12" lg="4"][mu_icon_box title="FAQs" icon="question" link="https://www.marshall.edu/recruitment/faqs/"][/mu_column]
[mu_column sm="12" lg="4"][mu_icon_box title="Bookstore" icon="book" link="https://www.bkstr.com/marshallstore/home"][/mu_column]
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