Icon Box

The icon box allows you to post a feature box with an SVG icon and title that links to a different page.

You can use any of the icons included below. if there’s a certain icon you want to use, but it is not listed below contact webmaster@marshall.edu.

Icon Box Shortcode Parameters

The parameters for the icon box shortcode:

  • RequiredTitle (title): The title parameter is required and will should be no more than 2-3 words.
  • RequiredLink (link): The link field is required and should be the full URL path of the page you wish to link.
  • RequiredIcons (icon): The icon will display above the title, centered in the box. (see list below).

Icon Box Shortcode Examples

Icon Box with Computer Icon

[mu_icon_box title="Online Learning" icon="computer" link="http://www.marshall.edu/online-learning/"]
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Icon Box in a Row

[efscolumn sm="12" lg="4"][mu_icon_box title="Online Learning" icon="computer" link="http://www.marshall.edu/online-learning/"][/efscolumn]
[efscolumn sm="12" lg="4"][mu_icon_box title="FAQs" icon="question" link="https://www.marshall.edu/recruitment/faqs/"][/efscolumn]
[efscolumn sm="12" lg="4"][mu_icon_box title="Bookstore" icon="book" link="https://www.bkstr.com/marshallstore/home"][/efscolumn]
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