Facts and Stats

Note on Facts and Stats
You are limited to a maximum of 4 fact items at present time.

Facts and Stats Shortcode Parameters

The parameters for the facts and stats shortcode:

  • RequiredNumber (number): This is the number that will display in the box, if it’s monetary it should include a dollar sign before it.
  • RequiredTitle (title): This should be the title of the stat/fact that will display below the number.

Facts and Stats Shortcode Examples

Facts and Stats

24Degree Programs
140Faculty Members
$64KScholarships / Semester
[mufact title="Degree Programs" number="24"]
[mufact title="Faculty Members" number="140"]
[mufact title="Undergraduates" number="950"]
[mufact title="Scholarships / Semester" number="$64K"]
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