Accessing Online Training

To access any of our MUOnline training courses you must add Safety Training in your Blackboard account.

If you’ve already added Safety Training you can skip to the instructions below.


To add Safety Training as a new Organization in Blackboard simply complete the following steps:

1. Go to MUOnLine:
2. Log-in using your MUNET ID and Password
3. Blackboard will open. Click on “Organizations” in the upper right-hand corner of the page, below your name.
4. Type “safety” in the “Organization Search” box. Click “Go”
5. Under the search results you will see:   Organization ID: train_driversafety, and Organization Name: Safety Training
6. Scroll over the Organization ID: train_driversafety, click on the Down Arrow and select “Enroll.”
7. On the Self Enrollment page Click “Submit.” Then click “OK.”
8. Now Safety Training will show up in your Blackboard “My Organizations” tab on the main dashboard page.


Once you’ve added “Safety Training” once it should always show up in your Blackboard accounts’ “My Organizations” tab.

Click on the “Safety Training” link to get to our site.

There is a navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page that lists all of our courses, just find the training you need to complete.

Please be aware that there may be special instructions on the course page, so read carefully and follow these instructions so you receive credit for completing the course.


Contact Tracy Smith, 696-2993, with any enrollment issue.

Contact IT Service Desk, 696-3200, for any issues with Blackboard.