Safety Training & Presentations

We are migrating our training presentations to MUOnline.  Courses that are hosted there are indicated below with an asterisk (*).

To access any of our MUOnline training courses you must add Safety Training in your Blackboard account. If you’ve already added Safety Training, you can skip to the instructions below.

  • Login to Blackboard using Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Once logged in, copy and paste the following URL into the browser search bar:
  • That link opens the Safety Training organization. To enroll and begin your training, click on the +Enroll button on the bottom left sidebar menu.

Please be aware that there may be special instructions on the course page, so read carefully and follow these instructions so you receive credit for completing the course.

Contact Bella Dragovich (, 304-696-3461, for any issues regarding enrollment.

Contact IT Service Desk, 696-3200, for any issues with Blackboard.


Current Safety Training & Presentations

  • The first two training presentations are available for review online at any time.
  • They are also presented in-person by Environmental Health and Safety staff three times a year.
  • All employees are required to complete an appropriate Bloodborne Pathogen training annually.

Minors on Campus

All counselors, instructors and volunteers of an instructional camp at Marshall University involving children under the age of 18 shall complete the following training prior to the start of camp. Training shall be conducted through Marshall University Blackboard and documentation of training will be maintained by the Environmental Health and Safety Department. The required training includes, but is not limited to:

  • Title IX
  • Basic first aid
  • Mandatory reporting
  • Marshall University emergency procedures
  • Safe supervision of minors

There may be additional required training designed specifically for individual camps. Those will be included in the curriculum of the online training. Camp Sponsors may include additional in-person training as needed.

Click here to complete online training modules.

Click here to submit a background check form.

Upon receipt of background check results, Marshall University reserves the right to deny individuals with the ability to supervise minors.

Failure to complete training or adhere to the conduct of the program (Policy GA-19, 4.1.4) will result in disciplinary and corrective action (Policy GA-19, Section 6).


*Biosafety in Research Laboratories Training – includes bloodborne pathogens; intended for research faculty, staff and students working in research laboratories with or around biological hazards


 Bloodborne Pathogens and Regulated Medical Waste Training – intended for faculty, staff, and students working in areas where infectious substances are reasonably anticipated to be encountered, and all employees who have occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens (athletic training, campus police, etc).


*Building Representative Fire Safety & Evacuation Training – intended for persons selected as fire safety and evacuation representatives for their building during fire drills and fire alarm activation events


 Carbon Monoxide Safety – intended for anyone


*Chemical Awareness and Safety Training – intended for research faculty, staff, and students and all other employees in areas where hazardous chemicals are used or stored


*Driver Training – required for all employees who operate a University vehicle or claim mileage while traveling on University business


 Power Tool Orientation – intended for employees and students working with or around shop tools


 Table Saw Safety – intended for employees and students working with or around shop tools