Building Evacuation Procedures

The Marshall University Emergency Management Plan covers the emergency procedures for the University. Appendix C covers Fire/Smoke which outlines evacuation procedures. All fire and/or smoke conditions must be reported immediately to the Marshall University Police Department (696-4357) or the Huntington Fire Department (911). The person making the report must provide the following information.

  1. Nature of fire or smoke and exact location.
  2. Name and position with the University.
  3. Activate the building fire alarm. (MU Personnel will ensure complete evacuation.)

The following procedures should be followed once the alarm has been activated:

  • Everyone must evacuate the building in a neat and orderly fashion.
  • Elevators are not to be used to evacuate the building. Persons should use the nearest clear exit or stairwell.
  • Disabled persons are to be assisted along the exit route to the nearest exit that is not blocked by fire or smoke.
  • The City Fire Department shall assist persons who use wheelchairs above or below the ground floor to the nearest stairwell and wait for evacuation. If an immediate threat to life exists, these individuals will be evacuated by whatever means necessary.
  • Persons are to move a safe distance away from the building.
  • Reentry to the building is strictly prohibited until it is safe to do so by the Fire Department or the Marshall University Police Department.
  • PERSONS ARE ADVISED NOT TO ASSUME THAT AN ALARM IS FALSE. The fire alarm system will be used to evacuate a building for any type of Emergency.

The Office of Public Safety will:

  • Respond to the alarm site.
  • Assist the fire department in any means required.
  • Notify the Department of Environmental Health and Safety of the nature and extent of the incident.

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety will:

  • Immediately respond to the site and assist Marshall University Police Department and the fire department in securing the site.
  • Gather information regarding the number and extent of any injuries, the extent of property damage, and the probable cause of the incident.

For any assistance or questions related to fire and/or smoke and actions to take, please contact Environmental Health and Safety.