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Committee Members

The following individuals make up the Safety Committee serving Marshall University and the Marshall University Research Corporation


Brian Carrico
Director, Health and Safety
211 Sorrell Maintenance Building, 304-696-3432,

Andy Darling
Director, Campus Recreation
Recreation Center, 304-696-6759,

Pete Divers
Assistant Director, Housing and Residence Life
Holderby Hall, Ground Floor, 304-696-6779,

Michelle Douglas
Director of Equity Programs
206 Old Main, 304-696-2597,

Carly Fannin
Laboratory Safety Officer, DNA Laboratory Scientist III
MU Forensic Science Center, 304.690.4363 ext. 249,

Steve Hensley
Dean, Student Affairs
2W38 Memorial Student Center, 304-696-6423,

Don Hill
Manager, Physical Plant, MUGC – South Charleston
MU Graduate College, 304.746.1916,

Scott Morehouse
Associate Athletic Director for Facilities and Operations
230 Shewey Athletics Building, 304-696-6022,

Dale Osburn
Associate Director, Physical Plant
218 Sorrell Maintenance Building, 304-696-6616,

Tracy Smith- Chair, Safety Committee
Health & Safety Specialist, Health and Safety
213 Sorrell Maintenance Building, 304-696-2993,

Charles “Chuck” Somerville
Dean, College of Science, & Biology Professor
350 Science Bldg, 304-696-2424,

Jim Terry
Director, Public Safety
Public Safety Building, 304-696-2486,

Kristin Smith
General Manager, First Year Student Residence Halls
South Hall 113, 304-696-3269,


Safety Committee members may be contacted as needed with regard to safety questions, concerns, and issues.

The online Safety Concern Submission Form is a convenient way to notify the Safety & Health office and to get a safety matter before the Safety Committee.