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Fire Safety

The office of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for ensuring that Marshall University remains in compliance with federal and state regulations for fire prevention, detection, and suppression, as well as occupant Life Safety.


An important part of fire safety is that all occupants are aware of what to do an emergency, like when the fire alarm sounds.


Another aspect of fire safety is ensuring that all fire protective measures are installed properly, maintained, and remain in place.  Fire doors provide a barrier to fire which protects occupants.  Fire doors must NEVER be propped open with wedges or any means other than with a magnetic door holder, which is tied to the fire alarm and releases the door when an alarm sounds.


Electrical safety plays a big role in fire safety too, and occupants should be aware of the requirements of the WV Fire Marshal’s Office for electrical safety:

  • All high wattage items (microwaves, coffee pots, toasters, refrigerators, space heaters [only those authorized for use on campus], etc.) must be plugged into a wall outlet, never a power strip.
  • Extension cords are only authorized for temporary use, no longer than one eight-hour work shift.  They should never be run through windows or doorways, placed under carpets or rugs, or otherwise situated where they can become pinched which will result in damage and become a potential fire source.
  • Damaged extension cords should be thrown away.  Examples of damage include: loose or missing ground prong, cut of nicks in the cord covering that expose wire, loose plug ends.
  • When unplugging electrical devices, cords should not be pulled; rather, grasp the plug and remove the cord from the wall outlet or power strip.
  • Power strips are to be used in place of extension cords.  Multi-outlet plugs that go into a wall outlet are considered a power strip by the Fire Marshal’s Office.
  • All power strips must be plugged into a wall outlet.  A power strip cannot be plugged into another power strip to gain more distance or outlets.
  • Candles, incense, and any other source of open flames are not permitted in any university offices or residence halls.


Portable space heaters pose a serious risk of fire.  Users of these devices should read and comply with the University’s Portable Space Heater Policy.


WV State Fire Marshal’s Office Releases:



list of Building Representatives for each building on campus is also available.