Unwanted Chemical Pick-Up Request

To have unwanted chemicals removed from your area, complete and submit an Unwanted Chemical Pick-up Request Form.


In order to comply with state and federal hazardous waste regulations all chemicals must be properly labeled and stored.

Incompatible chemicals should never be stored together.  More information is available about chemical compatibility on our Chemical Storage page.


All chemical containers must be labeled with the Identity of the Chemical(s) therein and Appropriate Hazards Warnings, in words, pictures, symbols, or a combination thereof which provide all of the hazard information.

Containers of Waste Chemicals must have a completed label.  An Unwanted Chemical Label template is available in MS Word.
This label should also be used for chemicals that are no longer wanted, as well as chemical waste items.


Waste chemical containers must be labeled with:

  • The words “Unwanted Chemical”
  • Generator’s Name,
  • Accumulation Start Date, and
  • Amount of Chemical
  • Mixed Chemicals must be labeled with Constituent Contents and Approximate Percentage of each
  • Hazards of the chemical


Keep all unwanted chemicals in a separate area, segregated by compatibility, preferably on shelves where they can be reviewed and identified.

Please do not store or package unwanted chemicals in cardboard boxes; packaging will be done at the time the chemical(s) is picked up from your facility.


The Pick-up Request Form must be filled out completely and emailed to safety@marshall.edu.  You will be contacted within five working days with a time frame for waste pickup.

Please ensure that the packaged waste is stored in a secure location until pickup.  A copy of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each chemical listed should be attached to the email or available with the container at time of pickup.


Contact Environmental Health and Safety with questions about completing the form, or concerns about chemicals and chemical waste management.