Policy and Procedures

Title IX is a federal law that protects students, educators, and school employees against all forms of sex or gender discrimination, including: sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual exploitation, dating and domestic violence, stalking, and retaliation. Marshall does not suggest that any case is more or less important but instead is a reflection of federal regulations that apply only to a specifically-identified set of cases. 


The Marshall BOG Policy sets forth how Marshall will address such issues. 

Marshall BOG Policy


Only a narrow category of cases fall under Title IX. Those cases meeting the definitions and jurisdictional elements below will follow the Marshall procedures below:

Marshall Title IX Procedures for Students


Marshall Title IX Procedures for Employees


Those cases involving students that do not fit within the narrow category set by Title IX will follow the Marshall procedures below:

Marshall Non-Title IX Procedures for Students


Amnesty Policy from the Marshall BOG GA-1 Policy

Marshall Amnesty Policy for Students


Title IX requires a non-discrimination policy, which is set forth below: 

Marshall Non-Discrimination Policy