Title IX Training

Marshall University maintains a steadfast commitment to maintaining a healthy work and learning environment free from all forms of discrimination, including sexual harassment. Programs that educate and promote employee awareness and understanding about these issues have a positive, preventative impact, while fostering professionalism that reflects well on the entire institution.

In keeping with our longstanding commitment, arrangements have been made for every employee to participate in an interactive training program called Preventing Sexual Harassment. This program outlines current laws on sexual harassment and uses examples to illustrate words and behaviors that might reasonably be construed as constituting sexual harassment, and therefore must be avoided. While the program primarily focuses on sexual harassment, the principles it teaches apply essentially to all forms of discriminatory harassment that create hostile workplace conditions. These training programs are a part of our ongoing commitment to maintain an environment of civility and mutual respect. This program affirms the University’s dedication to furthering a climate that recognizes and values the worth and potential of every individual.


Interested in having our office do a presentation or specialized training? Please contact us at titleix@marshall.edu with details.