Coronavirus Advising FAQ

Are any walk in ACT dates scheduled?
What are the recommendations for Advising meetings during the COVID-19 disruption?
Are counseling services still available to students?
Is the summer financial aid application online so students can submit it digitally or do students have to go to the financial aid office to get the form? When will that form be available?
If commuter students are having issues with food insecurity, where should they be directed?
Will the National ACT test scheduled on April 4th be cancelled?
Will tutoring services be available for students?
Do you happen to know if there is any decision as to whether the end date for classes has been extended one week? With the loss of this coming week due to suspension, that reduces the number of class weeks from 14 down to 13. It makes a big difference in deciding what material to cover online after Spring Break. Any insight would be appreciated.
Will the food pantry still be open for students who stay on campus and may need it?
Will there be any changes to Spring 2020 commencement or hooding ceremonies?
How do students obtain professor signatures for drops through 4/24/2020?
What meal services are available to students who will be living on campus during the break?
What meal services are available to staff and faculty during the break?
H.E.L.P. students have early registration which is scheduled for April 9 & 10. Students will not be on campus then. Will there still be an early registration period, and when will it be?