Declaring a Major

An undecided student may remain undeclared until the semester in which he or she reaches 30 earned credit hours. At that point, a student will be required to select or declare a major prior to registration for the next semester. Conditionally admitted students are not eligible to declare a major until all conditional requirements have been met.

Once you have decided which major to pursue, you will need to officially declare that decision to the university. While the proper steps to complete can vary by college, in general it is necessary to meet with your advisor to get the process started.

Your advisor will give you the necessary form(s) to complete, and you will be directed to the college in which your major is contained. There, you will need to have the forms finalized and submitted. If this major declaration happens during the add/drop period of the semester, you will need to meet with your new advisor to create a new schedule that meets your new requirements.

Please be aware that some majors require a certain level of academic progress be made before you can officially declare for that major. In these cases, you can still become a part of the college which offers the major, and then once the additional requirements are completed, you will officially be recognized as majoring in that field. An example of this is within the College of Education and Professional Development. For incoming freshmen and transfer students pursuing a teaching career, they will be designated as Pre-Teacher Education students until some requirements are met.

The best resource for information about specific majors is the Undergraduate Catalog. The catalog provides all the necessary policies and procedures for each major. It will guide you through the process, and what requirements need to be met before you can declare your major.