Building a Successful Cyber-Security Program



Many institutions today are interested in starting cyber-security programs. It is one of the hottest topics out there, and an increasing number of students are interested in studying cyber-security. This paper describes a recipe that can be used to build a successful cyber-security program, either from scratch or from a minimal capability that already exists. The essential elements that must be acquired and developed to build the program along with concrete examples from an existing successful program are provided. The paper also talks about why it may be a good idea to build this program, including some of the benefits of having a quality cyber-security program, including scholarships to attract quality students.

Publication Type: Research Paper/Conference

Publication Date: June 3rd, 2015

Publisher: Proceedings of the 7th Annual Southeastern Cyber Security Summit

Author(s): Dr. David Dampier



Cyber Security Workshop paper – Final (

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