Podcasts are a great way for those in the Cyber Security/Cyber Forensics fields to keep up to date with current trends and threats in the cyber world. As such, we have put together a list of several great podcasts to check out and subscribe to.

Recommended Podcasts

Digital Forensics in Real Life

Magnet Forensics

In DFIRL (Digital Forensics In Real Life), a true crime podcast from Magnet Forensics, we’ll be exploring some real cases that were solved with the help of digital forensics.

We’ll share fascinating and unexpected stories, talking directly to the investigators, examiners, and prosecutors who worked these cases, while highlighting the important role digital evidence played in seeking justice.


Control Loop

Presented by Dragos

Control Loop is the OT Cybersecurity Podcast, your terminal for ICS security, intelligence, and learning. Every two weeks, we bring you the latest news, strategies, and technologies that industry professionals rely on to safeguard civilization.




Hosted by Dave Bittner and Ben Yelin

A weekly conversation on surveillance, digital privacy, cybersecurity law and policy. Hosted by Dave Bittner and Ben Yelin.


Forensic Focus

Presented by Forensic Focus

Digital forensics discussion for computer forensics, DFIR and eDiscovery professionals. Visit Forensic Focus at forensicfocus.com for more.


Other Great Podcasts

Darknet Diaries

True stories from the dark side of the Internet

This is a podcast about hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network. This is Darknet Diaries.

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Unallocated Space

Presented by ArcPoint Forensics

A monthly podcast by ArcPoint Forensics where we speak to DFIR experts to learn about their journey to the industry, current challenges, and the latest research and wellness. Hosted by Amy Moles and Co-Host Jared Ringenberg


Life Has No Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Presented by Cellebrite

This is an online meetup/show that happens several days a week to enable you to listen, see and share with others in this community. It is not a formal presentation, sales pitch or place to bore you. It’s an open forum where anyone is welcome to speak! This meetup is supported by Cellebrite, but it’s not a Cellebrite centric event – it’s a DFIR event. Curious, join for at least one!


Security Weekly

Security Weekly is a security podcast network for information security professionals, by information security professionals.

Security Weekly provides cybersecurity news and information to global enterprises, with expert insights and analysis for IT security professionals.

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