Vision & Mission

Looking to the future, Marshall’s Institute for Cyber Security (ICS) is committed to continuing its pursuit of excellence in academics, research, training, and outreach. With the constantly evolving landscape of technology and the increasing importance of cyber security, we understand the need to stay at the forefront of the field. We plan to continue investing in new research initiatives, attract top talent to our faculty and staff, and collaborate with leading organizations to address today’s and tomorrow’s most pressing cyber security challenges.

Our goal is to shape the future of secure digital systems and networks, and we believe that by remaining dedicated to our vision and mission, we will achieve this. We are excited to see where our research and innovation will take us and are committed to positively impacting the world.

This is a multi-college institute to cover all aspects of cybersecurity…The institute will focus multiple colleges working in cybersecurity in one direction for the university. Teachers and researchers from across the university will be able to take advantage of the synergy developed when collaboration happens. This will help us solve the bigger problems in cybersecurity and show a university-centric focus on the study of cybersecurity problems and their solutions”
– Dr. Dampier, Director of MU ICS



Develop and deliver world-class research, education, and training to secure, defend, and investigate the digital world.


Through cyber security education, research, and training, provide better lives for students, create a safer and more secure society, and grow the local and state economy.