Dark Web Center of Excellence

The Dark Web Center of Excellence is a planned initiative of Marshall’s Institute for Cyber Security (ICS). The center aims to bring together experts from various fields to research, study, and address the challenges posed by the dark web.

However, please note that the Dark Web Center of Excellence is still in the planning stage and its mission, goals, and objectives are currently being thought out. We are working to build a team of experts from various fields, and we are developing partnerships with other organizations that share our vision. We are committed to creating a center that will make a significant impact in the field of cyber security, and we are excited about the opportunities that this center will provide.

The Dark Web Center of Excellence is one of the goals of the ICS to study, research, and address the challenges of the dark web with a multidisciplinary approach by experts in different fields. The center is currently in the planning stage, and more details will be available as the team and partnerships are being built.

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