Taking Action

How do you Report Title IX Harassment and/or Discrimination?

If you are a mandatory reporter and someone informs you of an offense that falls under Title IX, report it immediately by taking these steps:

  1. Ensure your safety and the safety of the reporter/victim. In an emergency or situation of imminent danger, call 911 immediately or the Marshall University Police Department at 304-696-HELP.
  2. Inform the victim that you are required to report the incident, even if the victim chooses not to press charges or file a report with law enforcement. Although every effort will be taken to ensure privacy, a mandatory reporter cannot guarantee complete confidentiality.
  3. Listen to the victim.
  4. Report the incident.
  5. Provide assistance: Inform the victim of his/her option to also self-report the incident to campus police and local police for investigation or to decline to report the incident to law enforcement. Filing a report with police does not require the victim to press charges.
  6. Refer the victim to relevant resources for additional support if needed.
File a Complaint

How do you Report Child Abuse and Neglect?

If you suspect or witness child sexual abuse on campus, you must report it to the police and/or the local child protective services:

  • For emergency situations, call 911
  • For non-emergency situations, call

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