Rosanna Blake Library: Imprints – 6000-6999

Confederate Imprints

  • [6000] Trudeau, James. Considerations sur la defense de l’Etat de la Louisiane. Et sur de ses milices, par Trudeau. General commandant la Legion de la Louisiane…. Nouvelle-Orleans: Imprimerie de J. Lamarre, Passage-de-la-Bourse, 96. 1861.
  • [6060] Warrock’s Virginia and North Carolina almanac for the year of our Lord 1864, being bissextile or leap year, the eighty-eighth of American independence, and the third of the Confederate States. Calculated by David Richardson of Louisa County, Va…. Richmond: Printed by James E. Goode, Main street, opposite Farmers Bank. [1863.]
  • [6075] Williams, James. Letters on slavery from the old world: writeen during the canvas for the presidency of the United States in 1860. To which are added a letter to Lord Brougham on the John Brown raid; and a brief reference to the result of the presidential contest, and its consequences. By James Williams, late United States minister to Turkey. Nashville, Tenn.: Southern Methodist Publishing House. 1861.
  • [6096] Young, Robert Anderson. Personages: a book of living characters. By R.A. Young. Nashville, Tenn., Printed for the author by J.B. M’Ferrin ag’t., 1861.
  • [6110] Chisolm, John Julian. A manual of military surgery, for the use of surgeons in the Confederate Army; with an appendix of the rules and regulations of the Medical Department of the Confederate Army. By Julian Chisolm, M.D., professor of surgery in the Medical College of the State of South Carolina, etc. Richmond, Virginia: West & Johnston, publisher and booksellers. 1861.
    RD151 C56
  • [6112] Chisolm, John Julian. A manual of military surgery, for the use of surgeons in the Confederate Army; with an appendix of the rules and regulations of the Medical Department of the State of South Carolina, surgeon in the Confederate States Army, etc. Second edition – revised and improved. Richmond, Va.: West & Johnston, 145 Main Street. 1862.
    RD151 C56
  • [6140] Ruffin, Edmund. Agricultural, geological, and descriptive sketches of lower North Carolina, and the similar adjacent lands. By Edmund Ruffin, of Virginia. Raleigh: Printed at the Institution for the Deaf & Dumb & the Blind. 1861.
    S451 N8R8
  • [6145] Warren, Edward. An epitome of practical surgery, for field and hosptial. By Edward Waren, M.D. Surgeon General of the State of North Carolina, formerly professor in the University of maryland. First [sic] edition. Richmond, Va. West & Johnston, 145, Main Street.
    RD151 W28
  • [6152] Confederate States of America. Army. Department of Northern Virginia. Chief Engineer’s Office. Map of the country between Richmond and Petersburg drawn from surveys made by order of Maj. Gen. J.F. Gilmer Chief Engineer. C.S.A. [Richmond? 1864?]
  • [6186] Manouvrier, J. (printer) Plan of the seat of war. Lithographed by J. Manouvrier & Co. [New Orleans, La., 1861?]
  • [6206] West & Johnston (printers) Map of the State of Virginia containing the counties, principal towns, railroads, rivers, canals & all other internal improvements. Published by West & Johnston, Richmond, Va. 1862.
  • [6245] [Boykin, Edward M.] The boys and girls stories of the war. Contents: General Stonewall Jackson. Commodore Foot [sic] and Colonel Small, etc. etc. West & Johnston, Richmond. [1863?]
  • [6286] Craik, Mrs. Dinah Maria (Muloch) Mistress and maid. A household story. By Miss Muloch, author of “John Halifax, gentleman,” “Olive,” “The Oglivies,” “The head of the family,” “Nothing new,” “Agatha’s husband,” &c., &c. Richmond: West & Johnston, Publishers. 1864.
  • [6301] Dickens, Charles. Great expectations. By Charles Dickens. (“Boz.”) Mobile: S.H. Goetzel & Co. 1863.
  • [6313] [Fane, Julian Henry Charles, and Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton.] Tannhauser; or , The battle of the bards. A poem. By Nevil Temple [pseud.] and Edward Trevor [pseud.]. Mobile: Published by S.H. Goetzel & Co., 33 Dauphin Street. 1863.
  • [6317] Ford, Sally Rochester. Raids and romance of Morgan and his men, by Sally Rochestero Rord, author of “Grace Truman,” “Mary Bunyan,” “Romance of free masonry,” &c., &c., &c. Mobile: S.H. Goetzel & Co. 1863.
  • [6337] Goulding, Francis Robert. Robert and Harold; or the young marooners on the Florida coast. By Rev. F.R. Goulding. First Confederate; from the eighth United States edition. Revised and enlarged. Macon, Ga.: Burke, Boykin & Co., Steam Book and Job Printers. 1863.
  • [6348][Haw, Mary Jane] The rivals: a Chickahominy story. By Miss. M.J.H., of Virginia, Illustrated. Richmond: Ayres & Wade. 1864.
  • [6366] [Hughes, Thomas] Brown and Arthur: an episode from “Tom Brown’s school days”….Arranged for the press by a mother. Richmond: West & Johnston. 1861.
  • [6367] Hugo, Victor Marie, comte. Les miserables. (The wretched.) A novel. By Victor Hugo. A new translation, revised. In five parts: I. Fantine. II. Cosette. III. Marius. IV. St. Denis. V. Jean Valjean…. Richmond: West & Johnston. 1863-64.
  • [6404] Lexington Gazette, Lexington, Virginia. Carrier’s address, to the patrons of the Gazette. Lexington, December 25. A Christmas lay for 1864. By Mrs. M.J. Preston…. [Lexington, Va., 1864.]
  • [6436] [Mundt, Frau Clara] Henry VIII. And his court, or, Catherine Parr. A historical novel. By L. Muhlbach [pseud.]. From the German, by Rev. H.N. Pierce…. Mobile: S.H. Goetzel, Publisher.
    PT2438 M4 233 1865
  • [6437] [Mundt, Frau Clara] Joseph II. and his court. An historical novel, by L. Muhlbach [pseud.]. From the German, by Adelaide DeV. Chaudron…. Mobile: S.H. Goetzel, Publisher. 1864.
    PT2438 M4 235
  • [6468] [Preston, Mrs. Margaret (Junkin)] Dirge for Ashby. Air – Robin Adair…. Hark to the solemn bell! “I would not live alway. [Lexington? Va., 1862.]
  • [6504] [Romani, Felice] Norma; grand opera en 3 actes en 8 tableaux, musique de Bellini. Avee traduction en anglais. Norma; grand opera in 3 acts and 5 tableaus, music by Bellini. Jean Schweitzer. Editeur. – Napoleonville – 1861.
  • [6520] [Shepperson, William G. (editor)] War songs of the South. Edited by “Bohemian”, correspondent Richmond Dispatch…. Richmond: West & Johnston, 145 Main Street. 1862.
  • [6586] Tucker, Nathaniel Beverley. The partisan leader: a novel, and an apocalypse of the origin and struggles of the Southern Confederacy. By Judge Beverley Tucker, of Virginia. Originally published in 1836. Now re-published: and edited by Rv. Thos. A. Ware. Richmond: West & Johnston. 1862.
    P2 3 T798pa
  • [6609] [Wilson, Mrs. Augusta jane (Evans)] Macaria; or, Alters of Sacrifice. By the author of “Beulah.”… Second edition. Richmond: West & Johnston, 145 Main Street, 1864.
  • [6611] Wood, Mrs. Ellen (Price) Mrs. Halliburton’s troubles. A novel. By Mrs. Henry Wood, author of “The Channings and “East Lynne.” Richmond: West & Johnston, Publishers, 145 Main Street. 1865.
  • [6641] Camp Carondelet, Virginia. Grand military ball. The pleasure of your company is respectfully solicited at a ball to by given at Camp Carondelet, near Manassas, Tuesday evening, February 25th, 1862. Richmond. Dispatch Steam Presses. [1862.]
  • [6720] The Punch songster. A collection of familiar and original songs and ballads. Richmond: Punch Office, 1864.
  • [6798] “All quiet along the Potomac to-night;” dedicated to the unknown dead of the present revolution; words by Lamar Fontaine; music by J.H. Hewitt. Columbia, Julian A.Selby, 1863.
  • [6802] Angel of dreams; words by Lt. Cl. Louis M. Montgomery; music by Edward O. Eaton. Augusta, Blackmar & Bro., c. 1864.
  • [6805] Annie of the vale; solo & chorus; words by George Pl Morris; music by J.R. Thomas. Macon and Savannah, J.C. Schreiner & Son. [186_.]
  • [6806] Annie of the vale, solo & chorus; words by G.P. Morris; music by J.R. Thomas. Richmond, Geo. Dunn & Company; Columbia, Julian A. Selby. [186_.]
  • [6813] Aura Lee; or, The maid with golden hair; arranged by Joseph Kelp. Richmond, Geo. Dunn & Compy, c. 1864.
  • [6817] Barrery Watner; polka-mazurka for the piano by Edmond Newmann. Columbia, B. Duncan & Co. [1863?]
  • [6819] The battle-cry of freedom; words by William H. Barnes; music by Hermann L. Schreiner. Macon and Savanna, J.C. Schreiner & Son. [etc., etc., c. 1864.]
  • [6847] The bonnie blue flag; a Southern patriotic song, written, arranged, and sung at his “personation concerts.” Harry Macarthy. New Orleans, A.E. Blackmar & Bro. [etc., etc.] c. 1861.
  • [6852] Th bonnie blue flag; composed by Harry Macarthy. New Orleans. A.E. Blackmar & Bro.; Montreal, A.J. Boucher. [186_.]
  • [6867] The brightest eyes; by Stigell. Macon, John C. Schreiner & Son. [etc., etc., 186_.]
  • [6872] The brightest eyes galop; arranged for the piano forte. New Orleans, A.E. Blackmar & Bro. [c. 1861.]
  • [6878] “Call me not back from the echoless shore,”; reply to “Rock me to sleep mother”; song with chorus and lullaby ad lib., by the authors of “When this cruel war is over;” words by Chas. C. Sawyer; music by Henry Tucker. Richmond, Geo. Dunn & Compy; Columbia, Julian A. Selby. [186_.]
  • [6885] The captain with his whiskers; [by] Comer. Macon and Savannah, J.C. Schreiner & Son. [186_.]
  • [6891] Carrie Bell! Ballad. Words by Capt. W.C. Capers, C.S.A. Music by Theo. von La Hache. New Orleans; Vicksburg, Blackmar & Bro. [c. 186_.]
  • [6893] Carrie Vaughn; words by G.M. Wickliffe; music by E.K. Cole. Augusta, Blackmar Brothers; Richmond, Geo. Dunn & Compy, c. 1864.
  • [6894] Castles in the air; a Scotch song; words by J. Ballantine; music by Robert Adams. Macon, John C. Schreiner & Son. [etc., etc., 186_.]
  • [6899] The child of regiment; music by Donizetti; English words by C. Jefferys; arranged by G.W. Glover. Macon, John C. Schreiner & Son. [186_.]
  • [6903] Christmas and New Year musical souvenier; “Fairies have broken their wands,” [by] Thomas Hood; The lover’s wish [by] F.W. Rosier; “I know a maiden fair to see”, [by] Longfellow; music by F.W.R. Richmond, Geo. Dunn & Compu; Columbia, Julian A. Selby, c. 1863.
  • [6909] Close up the ranks; composed by a refugee in London, addressed to soldier comrades in the field, by Chaplain Cameron; by permission respectfully inscribed to Miss Constance Cary. Richmond, Geo. Dunn & Compy, c. 1864.
  • [6915] Come where my love lies dreaming; melody by Stephen C. Foster; arranged by Hermann L. Schreiner. Macon and Savannah, John C. Schreiner & Son. [etc., et.] c. 1863.
  • [6943] The cottage by the sea; [by] J. R. Thomas. Mobile, Joseph Bloch. [etc., etc., 186_.]
  • [6946] Crescent City Guards’ quickstep. Composed by a high private. New Orleans, A. E. Blackmar & Bro. [etc., etc., c. 1861.]
  • [6966] Dixie, the land of King Cotton: from the highly successful military operetta, “The vivandjere;” words by Capt. Hughes [pseud.]; music by John H. Hewitt. Macon and Savannah, John C. Schreiner & Son [etc., etc., c. 1863.]
  • [6977] Dreaming of thee; words by J. Dickson Bruns; music by J.H. Hewitt. Richmond, Geo. Dunn & Compy, c. 1865.
  • [6978] Dreams; reverie by H.C.L.; composed by F. H. Hodges. Macon, John C. Shreiner & Son. [186_.]
  • [6980] The drummer boy of Shiloh; as sung by the First Tenn. concert troupe; arranged for the piano forte by E. Clarke Ilsley. Augusta, Blackmar & Bro. [etc., etc., c. 1863.]
  • [6983] The dying soldier; or The moon rose o’er the battle plain; composed for the piano forte. Richmond, J. W. Davies & Sons, c. 1864.
  • [6985] Each hour of life; or, The maiden’s prayer; words by John S. Adams; melody by Badarzewska. Augusta, Blackmar & Bro.; New-Orleans, Blackmar & Co. [186_.]
  • [6996] Faded flowers: [by James Powers.] Augusta, Blackmar & Bro. [etc., etc., 186_.]
  • [6997] Faded flowers! [by] James Powers. Augusta, Blackmar & Bro. [etc., etc., 186_.]