West Virginia State Documents

About West Virginia Documents

Marshall University is an official repository for West Virginia State Documents. The West Virginia State Documents are a collection of documents published by various state entities from the state’s inception to today. This includes publications from a variety of public departments as well as the state legislature. The collection includes newsletters, maps, pamphlets, legislative bills, reports, and more.

Classification System

The West Virginia State Documents have their own system of organization that is based on the Superintendent of Documents classification system. This means that unlike the majority of collections from Marshall University, documents are arranged by publishing agency, not by subject.


Most of the items from the West Virginia State Documents are not in the library catalog at the moment, which is something we are working to rectify. Below is linked a rough index of which West Virginia agencies Marshall has publications from, but is not exhaustive. If you would like to know if we have something, please contact us.

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