Rosanna Blake Library: Imprints – 9000-9999

Confederate Imprints

  • [9025] Our war, our cause, and our duty. Addressed to the Confederate soldiers. Charleston, S.C.: Published by the South Carolina Tract Society. Evans & Cogswell, Printers, No. 3 Broad street.
  • [9030] Palmer, Benjamin M. A discourse before the General Assembly of South Carolina, on December 10, 1863, appointed by the Legislature as a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer. By B.M. Palmer, D.D., of New Orleans, La. Columbia, S.C. Charles P. Pelham, State Printer. 1864.
  • [9031] Palmer, Benjamin M. A discourse commemorative of the life, character, and genius of the late Rev. J.H. Thornwell, D.D., LL.D., professor of didactic and polemic theology in the Theological Seminary at Columbia, S.C., delivered by Rev. B.M. Palmer. Columbia, S.C., Southern Guardian Steam-Power Press, 1862.
  • [9050] Phillips, S. The Christian home, as it is in the s[p]here of nature and the church. By the Rev. S. Phillips. Social Circle, Georgia: E. Nebhut, 1861.
    BV4526 P5
  • [9067] Prayers and other devotionals for the use of the Army of the Confederate States. Charleston, S.C.: Published for Femail Bible, Prayer-Book and Tract Society. Evans & Cogswell, Printers, no. 3 Broad street, [186_.]
  • [9068] Prayers suitable for the times in which we live. Charleston: Evans & Cogswell, No. 3 Broad street. 1861.
  • [9153] Profane swearing. [Charlotte, N.C.: Protestant Episcopal Church Publishing Association. 1864?]
  • [9165] Protestant Episcopal Church. Journal of the proceedings of the General Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate States of America, held in St. Paul’s Church, Augusta Ga. From Nov. 12th to Nov. 22d, inclusive, in the year of our Lord, 1862. With an appendix, containing the constitution, a digest of the canons, a list of the clergy, and of the officers of the General Council, etc. Augusta, Ga.: Steam Press of Chronicle & Sentinel, 1863.
  • [9167] Protestant Episcopal Church. Pastoral letter from the bishops of the Protestant Church to the clergy and laity of the church in the Confederate States of America. Delivered before the General Council, in St. Paul’s Church, Augusta, Saturday, Nov. 22d, 1862. Augusta, Ga.: Steam Power Press Chronicle & Sentinel, 1862
  • [9259] Root, Sidney. Primary Bible questions for young children. By S. Root. Third edition, revised, enlarged and improved. Atlanta, Ga.: Franklin Steam Publishing House, J.J. Toon & Co., Proprietors. 1864. [c. 1861.]
  • [9270] Ryle, John Charles. Faith and assurance, by the Rev. J.C. Ryle, B.A., rector of Helmingham Suffolk. [Petersburg, Evangelical Tract Society, 186_.]
  • [9289] Sewell, Mrs. Mary (Wright) “Our Father’s care.” A ballad. By Mrs. Sewell, author of “Mother’s last words,” “Homely ballads,” “The children of Summerbrook,” &c. From the twenty-seventh London edition. Richmond, Va.: Presbyterian Committee of Publication. 1864.
  • [9336] The soldier’s hymn [sic]-book: for camp worship. [Richmond:] Soldier Tract Association, M.E. Church, South. 1864.
  • [9351] Stiles, Joseph Clay. National rectitude the only true basis of national prosperity: an appeal to the Confederate States. By the Rev. J.C. Stiles, D.D. Petersburg: Evangelical Tract Society. 1863.
  • [9382] Thornwell, James H. Our danger and duty. By Rev. J.H. Thornwell, D.D. 2 copies. [Published by the South Carolina Tract Society. Printed by Evans & Cogswell, No. 3 Broad street, Charleston, S.C. 186_.]
  • [9388] Thurman, William Carr. Non-resistance, or the spirit of Christianity restored. By W.C. Thurman…. Published by the author, Charlottsville [sic], Va. 1862.
  • [9402] Tucker, John Randolph. The Bible or atheism, by J. Randolph Tucker, Esq., Attorney General of Virginia. [Richmond? 186_.]
  • [9407] Tupper, Henry Allen. A thanksgiving discourse, delivered in Washington, Ga., on Thursday, September 18, 1862. By H.A. Tupper. Macon, Georgia: Burke, Boykin & Co., Steam Book and Job Printers. 1862.
  • [9420] The victory won: a memorial of the Rev. Wm. J. Hoge, D.D., late pastor of the Tabb Street Presbyterian Church, Petersburg, Va. Richmond, Va.: Presbyterian Committee of Publication. 1864.
  • [9421] Vinet, Alexandre Rodolphe. Pastoral theology: the theory of a Gospel ministry. By A. Vinet, professor of theology at Lausanne. Translated from the French, with notes and introductory essay on the pastoral office. By Thomas O. Summers, D.D. Nashville, Tennessee: Southern Methodist Publishing House. 1861.
    BV4010 V5
  • [9445] Westminster, Assembly of Divines. The shorter catechism, of the Westminster Assembly. 3 copies. Richmond: Presbyterian Committee of Publication of the Confederate States. [186_.]
  • [9459] Whither bound? By the chaplain of the 10th Virginia Calvary. [Raleigh, 186_.]