Rosanna Blake Library: Pamphlets – O

Pamphlets Listed Alphabetically By Author

  • O’Brien, Robert Alfred “Three Relics of Lee’s Surrender (1865).” Appomattox ?, Va., 1950, 8vo, 35pp. Describes an apple tree, poplar tree & the McLean house. (WO 4)
  • O’Sullivan, John L. “Peace, the Sole Chance Now Left for Reunion. A Letter to Prof. S.F.B. Morse.” London, Wm. Brown & Co. 1863. McElroy – “Argument for peace with amicable separation & trust funds investment in Southern war debt.” (WO 23)
  • Oates, William Calvin “Speech of Gov. William C. Oates of Alabama, delivered at Chattanooga, Tenn., Sept. 20, 1895, on the Battle of Chichamauga & Chattanooga. Dedication of the National Park.” Montgomery, Ala., Poemer Print, 1895, 8vo, 18pp. (WO 42)
  • Official Guide Of the Confederate Government, 1861-1865, at Richmond. Showing the location of the public buildings & offices of the Confederate, State & City Governments, Residences of the principal Officers, etc. 12mo. Richmond, 1907?, Swem-4016. First issued as “The Official Guide to the Confederate Government during the Civil War.” (WO 53)
  • Old Stars & Stripes Of the Richmond “Grays” in the Confederate Army. Boston, GAR Massachusetts Dept., John A. Andrews Post #15, 8vo, 12 leaves, Memorial report. (WO 89)
  • Olmstead, Charles Hart “Reminiscences of Service with the First Volunteer Regiment of Georgia, Charleston Harbor, in 1863. An address delivered before the Georgia historical Society, Mar. 3, 1879.” Savannah, Ga., Morning News, 1879, 8vo, 15pp, running title – “Annals of the War.” (WO 108)
  • Olustee (Florida), Battle of Also under “Ocean Pond, Battle of–” See: Geo. F. Baltzell, P.G.T. Beauregard, Ruth Cole, Alfred Holt Colquitt, Joseph Finnegan, Geo. P. Harrison, James A. Harley, J.G. Rice, Caraway Smith, Wm. Furness, Richard J. Ferry. (WO 112)
  • Orphan Brigade “First Annual Reunion of the First Kentucky Orphan Brigade, CSA, Cynthiana, Ky., Aug. 18th, 1886.” Frankfort, Ky., Western Argus, 1887, 8vo, 36pp. Also in micro-card, Louisville, Lost Cause Press. (WO 155)
  • Ould, Robert “Argument in the four salt cases before the Court of Appeals of Virginia.” n.p., n.d. (c. 1866), 8vo 25pp. (WO 184a)
  • “Our Confederate Dead. This Souvenir is authorized by the Ladie’s Hollywood Memorial Association of Richmond, Va., 1896.” Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shepperson. 12mo. (WO 189)
  • “Our Military Experience and what it suggests.” Baltimore: Cushings & Bailey 1863. 24pp. (WO 196a)
  • Owen, Mary Bankhead “Emma Sansone.” In: SHSP, 1904, v.38, p. 350-358. (WO 210)
  • Owen, Urban G. “Letters of a Confederate Surgeon in the Army of Tennessee to his wife.” In: Tenn. HQ, 1945, v.IV, p. 341-353; 1946, v.V, p. 60-81, 142-181. 73pp. (WO 213)