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Pamphlets Listed Alphabetically By Author

  • Uniform and Dress of the Army of the Confederate States as prescribed by Gen. Order, June 1861-Article XLVII Army Register.” Richmond: United Confederate Vets., Virginia Div., R.E. Lee Camp #1 (1911). Also: reprint of Gen. Ord. #9, June 6, 1861; Gen. Ord. #4, Jan. 24, 1864. 8vo, 10pp. Marcus Wright Book Pl. (WU 11)
  • “Uniforms of the Confederacy.” “Confed. States Navy”, II, #2, p. 94-96. (WU 14-3)
  • “Uniforms of the Confederacy.” “Charleston Light Dragoons”, (ii, #4, p. 172-173) (WU 14-5)
  • “Uniforms of the Confederacy.” “Louisiana Tigers Regiment” (WU 14-38)
  • United Confederate Veterans Constitution and by-laws for their government. In: CV, Oct. 1894, v.II, #10, p. 296-303. 6th, (1896 at Richmond, Va.) (New Orleans, 1897) 166pp. 8vo. (WU 21-6)
  • United Confederate Veterans 9th, (1899 at Charleston, SC) (New Orleans, 1900) 228pp, 8vo. (WU 21-9)
  • United Confederate Veterans 12th, (1902 at Dallas, Tex.) (New Orleans, 1902?) 88pp. 8vo. Official report of C.H. Tebault, M.D., surgeon general United Confederate veterans. From the minutes of the Twelfth annual meeting of the United Confederate Veterans, held in the city of Dallas, Texas, Apr. 22-25, 1902. New Orleans, (1902). 31pp. 8vo. (WU 21-12)
  • United Confederate Veterans “Historical sketch explanatory of memorial or certificate of membership in the UCV’s.” (Charleston, SC, 1897) 32pp. (In L.C.) (WU 26b)
  • United Confederate Veterans, Annual Meeting “Report of Monument Comm.” (WU 35a)
  • United Confederate Veterans, Report “Fifth annual report of the Monumental Committee of the United Confederate Veterans. 1912. (WU 37b)
  • United Daughters of the Confederacy “Daughters of the Confederacy of the State of Maryland.” (WU 39a)
  • “University of South Carolina War Records.” (Columbia, SC,) The University, 1907. Bul. #VIII, part II, Jan. 1907, years: 1861-1865. 8vo, 48pp. (WU 42a)
  • “University of South Carolina War Records.” Bul. #XII, Univ. Of SC, (1908) 8vo, 67pp., lists 54pp. (WU 42b)
  • “Unveiling of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, at Richmond, May 30, 1894. R.C. Cave’s noble vindication of the southern cause.” In: SHSP, 1894, XXII, p. 336-380. Reprint. (WU 43b)