Rosanna Blake Library: Pamphlets – V

Pamphlets Listed Alphabetically By Author

  • Valentine, Edward V. “Reminiscences of General Lee.” In: Outlook, Dec. 22, 1906, v.LXXXIV, p. 964-968. Valentine was sculptor of the South. (Richmond) (WV 3)
  • Van Evrie, J.H., Md. “Free Negorism or the results of Emancipation.” New York 1822. 32pp. (WV 24a)
  • Vandiver, Frank Everson “Jefferson Davis and the unified command.” In: L.H.Q., 1955, XXXVIII, p. 26-38. (WV 52)
  • Vandiver, Frank Everson “The Making of a President: Jefferson Davis, 1861. A lecture delivered at Richmond, Va., on the 100th¬†Anniversary of the inauguration of Jefferson Davis as president of the permanent Government of the confederate States of America.” Richmond, Va., Civil War Commission (1962) Virginia Civil War Centennial 1961-1965. 8vo, 14pp. (WV 66)
  • Vedder, Charles Stuart, Rev. “The Diary of the Reverend Charles s. Vedder (Presbyterian visitor in Monticello, Ga.) May-July, 1861.” In: GaHQ, Mar. 1955, v.XXXIX, p. 68-90. (WV 91)
  • Vedder, Charles Stuart, Rev. “A Sermon preached in the Huguenot church, Charleston, SC, upon the Sabbath succeeding the death of General Robert E. Lee.” Charleston: Walker, Evans & Cogswell, 1870, 8vo, 12pp. (WV 92)
  • Veterans Guide to Charleston, SC Containing full information to enable veterans, sons and visitors to reach all points, historic points of interest, portraits and sketches of distinguished UCV officers, with map of city. For the UCV reunion, May 10-13, 1899.” Charleston: Walker, Evans, and Cogswell Co., 12mo, 88pp. (WV 113)
  • Vicksburg “Struggle for Vicksburg. The battle and siege that decided the Civil War.” Special edition commemorating-CWTI, July 1967, v.VI, #4, p. 66. (WV 118)
  • Vicksburg Natl. Park See: Wm. C. Everhart, Edwin C. Bearss, Henry S. Parson’s Wall-paper edt. “Daily Citizen”. (WV 120)
  • Virginia Civil War Commission “The Civil War Centennial; an opportunity for all Virginians.” Richmond, 1960. 12mo, 44pp. Manual of observance by cities, counties. (WV 137)
  • Virginia Military Institute “Seventy-fifth anniversary of the battle of New Market, May 15, 1939. Centennial year, 1839-1939.” (Lexington, Va., 1939) 8vo, 28pp. (WV 150)
  • Virginia Military Institute 1839 VMI 1939 Centennial-Pictorial-Historical Souvenir. (WV 150a)
  • Virginia State Library-Richmond “A list of the official publications of the Confederate States government in the Virginia State Library and the Library of the Confederate Memorial Literary Society.” Bul. V.IV, #1, Richmond, 1911, 8vo, 72pp. (WV 154)
  • Virginia State Library-Richmond “A list of the portraits and pieces of statuary in the Virginia State Library with notes & illustrations.” Richmond, 1920. (WV 154a)
  • Virginia’s Decision The second Convention of 1861. Richmond: Virginia Civil War Centennial Commission. (1964) 8vo, 23pp. (WV 156a)
  • Virginia Historical Society-Richmond Miscellaneous Papers. (WV 157a)
  • Virginia: Topographical Maps Surveyed and drawn by Maj. John E. Weyss. (WV 164a)
  • Vose, Caroline E. “Jefferson Davis in New England.” (WV 187a)