How can I know which restrooms are gender-neutral?

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Most gender-neutral or gender-inclusive restrooms can be identified by the sign depicting either gender. It means that anyone can use that restroom, regardless of sex assigned at birth, genitalia, gender identity, and gender expression.

Where can I find gender-neutral restrooms at Marshall University?

This map outlines restrooms that are specifically designated for use by anyone. For the Huntington campus, gender-inclusive restrooms can be found on the first floor/level of Old Main, Drinko Library, Smith Hall, the Engineering Center, and the Henderson Center. Explore the map for a full list of gender-neutral restrooms available to the Marshall University community.

Who can use gender-inclusive restrooms?

Gender-inclusive restrooms are for everyone, and can be especially useful for:

  • People who would otherwise have to wait in a line for a gender-specific restroom
  • People with disabilities or those who have personal care attendants whose gender identity differs from one another
  • Individuals with children who would otherwise have to split up or face misunderstanding when trying to access a restroom

Will additional options be added?

The effort to designate gender-inclusive restrooms on campus is an ongoing project. Marshall University has installed a number of “all-gender restroom” signs and will continue install more in an effort to increase inclusiveness and access for all students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors.