Mission Statement

The Office of Student Affairs provides a variety of developmental services, programs, and activities in support of the academic mission of the University. It is committed to excellence and an integration of curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities. Guiding concepts of the department are those of human growth, development, and personal responsibility within an open and supportive environment. The integration of the cognitive and affective dimensions so essential for personal growth are central to all Student Affairs programs and activities.

First and foremost we recognize that the Student Affairs department mission complements the institution’s mission, with the enhancement of student learning and personal development and appreciation for the dignity of all people being the primary goals of student affairs programs and services.

At Marshall University this mission has four interrelated facets

Student Affairs strives to preserve and promote students’ physical, social, emotional, and cognitive wellness. This includes providing health and counseling services, academic support services, services for students with disabilities, opportunities for service learning, women’s and returning students programs, campus entertainment, and other programs and activities designed to enable and enhance learning and personal development.

(Student Development, Student Support Services and Student Activities)

Student Affairs strives to maintain appropriate standards for student behavior within the university community and to protect and promote students’ rights and responsibilities. This includes interpreting and enforcing the student code of conduct, providing advocacy services for students, and providing technical support to Marshall’s student-based judicial system.

(Student Conduct and Student Advocacy)

Student Affairs strives to empower students and student groups and to assist them in developing their potential as citizens and leaders. This includes coordinating technical support, recognition, and advising services for student organizations, providing leadership training programs, coordinating community service and volunteerism opportunities, and promoting student involvement in the governance of the student body and the University.

(Student Activities, Student Engagement, Student Involvement and Leadership, and Dean of Student Affairs)

Student Affairs strives to forge collaborative partnerships with faculty and other university divisions to create an environment which enhances student learning and personal development. This includes providing information to students and student groups about university services and providing information about student and student groups to other university constituencies.