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Frequent Faculty Requests

  • Access to Course for Instructor, TA, or Department Chair
    You will need to know the course CRN, your original MUNet (not vanity email), and the MUNet of the person you wish to give access to.
  • Access to Course for Student Incomplete
    If you have a student who has officially received an Incomplete for a semester term, use this form to give that student access to a previous course.
  • Cross-listing Request
    Use this form to combine multiple sections of the same course into one Bb section. You will need to create or copy your course content into the newly created section. You will receive an email when this has been completed, but we cannot create cross-listed sections until the live sections are available (generally two weeks prior to the start of term). Team Courses will be automatically cross-listed if you request a Blackboard cross-list.
  • Course Copy Request
    This form requests that a designer copy your course content and clean up your course menu for your course.
  • Distance Education Course Development Application
    Use this form when creating any new Distance Education course that will be solely used for a Distance Education course. These courses must go through a review process prior to being offered (we are aware of the issues with course planning and COVID-19 and have adjusted guidelines, for now. We will resume regular guidelines for new course development once the university can safely resume a majority of face-to-face courses. We require faculty to work with an instructional designer to develop the course unless you are an advanced user. Deadlines for completed courses ready for review are August 15 for courses to be offered in Spring or Summer, and January 15 for courses to be offered in the Fall. Visit the Online Course Development site for more information.
  • Request a Development Section for a Course
    If you would like to work on supplemental components for a face-to-face course, work ahead, or have an additional course Development section for a different term (spring v. summer), use this form. This form is not for a course that is applying to be approved for Distance Education.


  • Ally for Blackboard
    Ensure that all students have access to course content, regardless of needs or accommodations. Ally supplies instructors with a gauge beside course links to let you know if your content is accessible. Students are able to download multiple document types, or media types, based on their needs.
  • Basic Course Development Standards
    Whether you’re going fully online, adding supplemental material, or just need help getting started, this page provides quick tips on all of the necessary components that should be in every section of your Blackboard courses, regardless of how you plan to use the course.
  • Blackboard Outcomes
    Online Learning has partnered with the University Office of Assessment to provide a more robust and time-saving assessment option for department assessments. By providing your program goals or accreditation outcomes, you can align graded artifacts to a specific goal or outcome. When your department is ready to assess student work, we can help you create a “collection” of those artifacts, which you can then assess using an assessment rubric. Once the rubrics are complete, Outcomes can create reports for you, without tallying the information by hand. Email welch6@marshall.edu for more information.
  • Computer & Browser Requirements
    Think Blackboard will work with all devices and browsers? Think again! This page will give you the recommended specifications for a computer and the link to the Blackboard Browser Checker. We recommend users to NOT access and complete all graded activities through a tablet or mobile device. Users should also use updated Google Chrome or Firefox, and in most cases, updated Edge Chromium is also acceptable.
  • Instructional Design Center – About Us
    Marshall employs 5 full-time designers to serve over 700 faculty, with over 40 years of combined instructional designer expertise.  This page can refer you to common questions and instructions, as well as our additional contact information.
  • Distance Education Course Development Process
    The online course development process is streamlined in a way to meet your needs, as well as ensure that we meet all accreditation and institutional requirements for Distance Education courses. We use the Quality Matters standard rubric for course reviews, and require all faculty to work with a designer (unless you are an advanced user) during the development process.

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